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How to get started

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How to Schedule

You can call (405) 325-2911 or walk-in to schedule an initial appointment. We are located on the second floor in room 201 of the Goddard Health Center, which is located at the corner of Elm St. and Brooks. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

What to Expect at Your Intake Appointment

Counseling Intakes:

In person: Please arrive to your scheduled intake appointment at least 30 minutes early. You will be asked to complete the initial paperwork before you see the intake counselor.

Telehealth: You will have received a link to complete the initial paperwork prior to your intake appointment. Intake paperwork is best completed on a desktop/laptop to prevent any technical difficulties. Please ensure all initial paperwork is completed prior to your appointment. Intake appointments will be rescheduled if intake paperwork has not been completed prior.


Things to know before your telehealth appointment: 

- For confidentiality purposes, clients are required to conduct sessions from a private location where they can attend uninterrupted by others for the full period of the scheduled session. Clinicians will reschedule sessions if it is clear that the client is in a location where others may overhear or otherwise be privy to the session, thus risking confidentiality  (if you have issues finding a private location, please call the front desk on 405-325-2911 for support).

- Clients are required to provide the current location address and contact phone number at the start of every telehealth session.

- Clients are required to remain within one location for the duration of the session (i.e., not walking/driving to another location) for safety and confidentiality purposes.


The intake session will last approximately 30 minutes. The intake session is designed for the counselor to get a better understanding of your concerns and needs, and connect you to the most appropriate resources. At the conclusion of your intake appointment the counselor will discuss the next steps to be taken in your treatment. Treatment recommendations may include TELUS or any one or more of the services the UCC has to offer. If your needs are beyond the Counseling Center’s scope of services we will assist you with a referral to find longer-term or specialized treatment to address your presenting concerns.

If you are assigned to individual counseling you will be placed on a waitlist. The triage team reviews this waitlist weekly. Unfortunately, we are unable to predict wait times. You will be notified of your assignment to a counselor via text message,  and you will be required to call the front desk within 6 days of receiving this text message to schedule you first appointment. If you do not call the front desk within 6 days of receiving the text message you will be removed from the waitlist. This is to ensure we can continue to provide services to those on the waitlist as efficiently as possible. 

Psychiatric Intakes: If you are not already receiving treatment services through the UCC, please arrive to your scheduled psychiatric intake appointment at least 30 minutes early as you will be required to complete initial paperwork prior to your appointment. If you are already receiving treatment serviecs through the UCC, please arrive to your scheduled psychiatric intake on time.


Services Offered