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photo of a dance in the union ballroom from 1949

Events at the Oklahoma Memorial Union

The historic Oklahoma Memorial Union features over 25,000 square feet of meeting and event space, ranging from intimate rooms and lounges for smaller events to outdoor venues and our 6,500 square foot ballroom for larger events and weddings.

The collegiate Gothic style of the building is carried throughout our elegantly appointed rooms with many unique interior elements like hardwood floors, coffered ceilings and antique furniture and artwork. The Union also offers a wide array of audio visual equipment, a 350 seat theater/auditorium with HD projector and WiFi throughout the building. All rooms are customizable to your needs and we offer complete catering services.

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Space Priority

Interior and exterior space adjacent to the Union shall be reserved through the Union Administrative Office and is assigned in the order requests are received. Priority for use of the Union goes to University departments and registered organizations. Events hosted by student organizations and University departments AND where a substantial percentage of the anticipated audience is OU students, faculty, or staff may reserve rooms at no charge.

Details for Union space reservations can be found by following the links below.

If your organization is a Registered Student Organizations, in accordance with the Student Government Association, or an OU university department, you will receive space free of charge (applicable A/V charges still apply).

OU Student Org. & Departments

If your organization is one in which over 50% of the membership is comprised of off-campus people having no affiliation with the University, you will reserve space as a Non-University Group.

Non-University Groups

Cancellation & No-Show Policy

Reserved space must be cancelled by contacting the Union Business Office. A 48-hour notice of cancellation is necessary to avoid service charges. For groups holding multiple rooms or premium spaces on a particular date, cancellations for all or part of the reserved space must be received at least 30 days prior to the event date. Cancellations received within 30 days of the event date will be issued a no-show for the cancelled spaces.

When a group or individual does not utilize a room or table reservation and does not communicate to the Union Business Office in the timely manner described above, the group or individual has committed a “no-show”. Reserved space is considered abandoned after 30 minutes have passed from the scheduled start of the reservation and will result in a no-show. Upon the first no-show, the offending organization is subject to the following:

  • A warning is issued for the first no-show of the semester and documented on the reserving group's account.
  • A second no-show violation will result in suspension of the organization from reserving space in the Oklahoma Memorial Union for the remainder of the present semester.


Registered student organizations, or University departments may not serve as “fronts” for other groups in order to obtain free or reduced rates on meeting spaces for any outside organization or off-campus user. An outside organization event is one in which over 50% event attendees is comprised of off-campus people having no affiliation with the University. If fronting is discovered, non-university rental rates will apply.

University departments and student organizations may co-sponsor events with off-campus organizations in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • The event or meeting must be planned and managed by an OU registered student organization or University department. Members of the organization or department must also be the point of contact in communication with the Union Business Office.
  • A majority of those attending events scheduled by a student organization or University department are expected to be University of Oklahoma students, faculty or staff, or have a legitimate connection to the organization or University department.
  • The mission of the outside group relates to the on-campus group.

The Oklahoma Memorial Union will make the determination as to on-campus vs. off-campus sponsorship by considering the nature of the event, past experience with respect to similar events, type and the nature of attendees.


Pursuant to existing contracts, University Catering provides exclusive catering services for the Union. No outside food or beverages are allowed. Violation of this policy will result in a fine and/or loss of rental privileges.

Arrangements for catering and refreshments must be coordinated through the Union Administrative Office at least five full working days prior to the event. Any catering price quotation given more than three months in advance may be subject to change.

Academic Classes

Regular classes may not be held in the Oklahoma Memorial Union on the basis that the university assigns classroom space in designated classroom buildings for regularly scheduled classes; OMU facilities are reserved for gatherings which are not scheduled as regular class or academic activities. For-credit academic classes may request use of the Oklahoma Memorial Union on a temporary, emergency basis only. Written explanation needs to accompany request showing that space was not available through room scheduling. Special requests require approval from the OMU Director.