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Equipment & Setups

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Room Set-up Diagrams

The below setups are considered standard and can be added to reservation at no charge. A service charge will apply to any "special" set-ups not listed below.

lecture style
classroom style
conference style
dining rounds
hollow square

Equipment & A/V

The Union will supply podiums, chalkboards, and easels on a complimentary basis upon request. Additional A/V equipment, uplighting and pianos are available for rent. Pianos are tuned every other month; however, customers may request that a piano be tuned at an unscheduled time for an additional fee.

Setup and equipment needs should be requested at least three full working days prior to the event. Requests are assigned in the order they are received; therefore, late requests cannot always be honored due to equipment, staff and time limitations.

If equipment is not available, the customer will be notified. Equipment is for use inside the Oklahoma Memorial Union only; equipment is not available for rental use outside of the Oklahoma Memorial Union. Price quotations given for room rental, technical fees, and/or audiovisual rentals more than three months in advance are subject to change.

Eqiupment & Service Rates