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Academic Advisors & Coaches

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Academic Advisors & Coaches

Academic Advisor:

Academic Advising is one of the key components in reaching your goal of graduation. Your academic advisor is someone who can:
  1. help you in selecting a major and career
  2. monitor your academic progress
  3. provide information in designing, developing, and implementing individual academic plans
  4. provide letters of reference when you are applying for graduate programs or looking for employment
  5. link you to resources in getting connected on campus and in the community 
  • You should meet with your academic advisor at least once per semester to review your academic progress. Advisors will share important information and advice related to your studies and overall student experience.

  • Schedule a planning session during the middle of the semester to avoid peak advising periods when advising time is in high demand due to registration.


A MoneyCoach is a financial professional available to all students at the University of Oklahoma. Your MoneyCoach will help you build lifelong money management skills and navigate the process of paying for college. In addition to one-to-one coaching, the MoneyCoach program offers Financial Education workshops across campus. 
                                                      CLICK HERE FOR MONEYCOACH INFO

Academic Life Coach

An Academic Life Coach works with a student to identify stressors and establish goals that lead to academic success and degree completion.

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