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Off the Wall OU Twitter Accounts

5 Off-the-Wall OU Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

Let’s face it: Social media can get boring. But it doesn’t have to be. These OU Twitter accounts will make your TL worth scrolling through.

After spending countless hours laughing at these unusual University of Oklahoma-themed accounts, we decided to share them with you. So get your thumb ready to hit that follow button, Sooners, as we tell you all about the top five off-the-wall OU Twitter handles. 

1. Chester @OUsquirrels

This account is the OG of OU Twitter accounts. Chester the squirrel has been making Sooners laugh since 2011 and we still find ourselves subconsciously creeping on Chester’s tweets every day. Check out his most iconic tweet, basically summing up everyone’s feelings about OU/Texas.

2. Switzer Statue @switzerstatue

We all know the iconic Switzer Statue, but do you know the 15-foot bronze statue’s counterpart @switzerstatue? Not only does this Twitter account provide some pretty funny football game commentary, but it also has some of the biggest Sooner spirit we’ve ever seen. We’re sure you can relate to the statue’s mood above when we were Big 12 champs.

3. Bob Stoops’ Visor @BobStoopsVisor1

This account has been bustin’ jokes and keepin’ the sun out of Bob's eyes since 2012 — and we have loved every tweet. From the current feels about a football game to what kind of hair day Coach Stoops is having, this NSFW Twitter handle has a sometimes vulgar sense of humor that we can’t help but enjoy. Here’s one of its most popular tweets: “Visor Prayers.”

4. National Weather Center Mice @NWCmice

This next Twitter account is run by your favorite mice at OU’s National Weather Center —  need we say more? The furry, little guys not only give us daily #MouseFacts, but they also update us on all the humorous ruckus they’re causing at the NWC. See a sneak peak of the commotion they cause in the above tweet.

5. OU Elder Squirrel @ElderSquirrel

Yes, we realize this is the second squirrel account on this list but we promise it is worth the follow. Cracking nuts and jokes for Sooners every day, this “Promiscuous Squirrel” (Nelly Furtado, anyone?) has some really punny jokes about his life on campus. See one of our favorite tweets from Elder Squirrel above.