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OU Dedicates New Quantum Research and Technology Center

OU Dedicates New Quantum Research and Technology Center

October 25, 2019

OU dedicated the OU Center for Quantum Research and Technology on Friday, Oct. 25, 2019. The Center will put OU and Oklahoma on track to become a leader in quantum technologies.

The University of Oklahoma today dedicated the OU Center for Quantum Research and Technology. The Center will put OU and Oklahoma on track to become a leader in quantum technologies. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt joined the ceremony and offered comments contextualizing the Center’s pivotal role in driving Oklahoma’s economy.

Quantum technology is an emerging field with potential to transform information processing and provide economic and national security advantages to the countries that dominate it.

“Quantum technologies are truly transformative, and we are proud that OU physicists are leading experts in this field,” said OU Interim President Joseph Harroz Jr. “With the cutting-edge resources of Lin Hall and the abundant opportunity created by the Center for Quantum Research and Technology, our students and faculty can pursue groundbreaking, life-changing research. The work done here will undoubtedly benefit future generations of Oklahomans, strengthening the state’s economic position for the 21st century. We’re thankful to the Avenir Foundation and to our partners within the State of Oklahoma leadership for making today possible.”

OU plans to prepare the future workforce for this emerging field, while establishing meaningful partnerships with industry leaders. The Center will focus in areas such as quantum simulation, quantum sensing and quantum materials to enable next-generation devices. Over the next decade, quantum-based devices are anticipated to replace increasingly more of the current classical-based devices. Economists predict the global quantum-technology industry will have annual revenues of $80 billion by 2030 and $1.3 trillion by 2040.

“Establishing this Center is another example of how we are making Oklahoma a top ten state in cutting-edge technology,” said Stitt. “Because of this new facility, our state will have the opportunity to be national leaders in groundbreaking research and bring new partnerships and jobs to the state.”

CQRT is based in the newly constructed Lin Hall and will capitalize on the expertise of OU’s current Atomic, Molecular and Optical and Condensed Matter Physics groups. The Center will enable OU to pursue large federal grants and fulfill the vision of Lin Hall donors.

“The Center for Quantum Research and Technology is an inspiring new home for discovery dedicated to making the University of Oklahoma a global leader in this rapidly advancing field,” said OU College of Arts and Sciences Dean David Wrobel. “The world is now witnessing the second quantum revolution and the Center will secure OU’s place at its leading edge. This new Center will enable us to develop future quantum technology and new applications, and to train students and researchers to make unprecedented advances that will positively impact society.”

Lin Hall is an advanced design physics building hosting 18,000 square feet of laboratory space that meets NIST-A specifications on vibrations, temperature, humidity and electromagnetic interference. The Center is associated with the Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy at OU, located in the Homer L. Dodge Physics Complex on the University’s Norman campus.

A generous gift from the Avenir Foundation helped establish CQRT. Since 2005, Avenir founded by family members legendary OU physics professor Homer L. Dodge, has donated more than $30 million to OU.

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