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As of this time, the National Weather Center is closed to all non-essential OU personnel and the public. OU personnel that have not been declared essential by their Director and approved by Dean Berrien Moore are prohibited from entering the building.

The University is proactively monitoring COVID-19. Stay updated with the latest information and what's being done to protect the OU Community.

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Local community spread of COVID-19 has made choosing a place of refuge much more difficult when severe weather threatens. At this time OU Norman Campus building access is restricted to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to the campus community. Therefore, it is critical each individual reviews their home safety plans to prepare for Oklahoma severe weather. Please visit OU's Tornado Shelter Policy for more information about what to do during a tornado threat on campus.

OU's Tornado Shelter Policy

OU Libraries has compiled a list of academic resources available during COVID-19 closure:

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Welcome class of 2024!

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The A&GS Student Emergency Fund is an assistance program for students to access short term financial help in times of need. Due to the current public health crisis, many students lack the financial cushion needed to travel home, to find alternate housing arrangements, or to simply afford food. Some may even lack the hardware and high-speed internet access needed to successfully take classes online. The A&GS Student Emergency Fund provides a lifeline for these students. All donations will go directly to students in need.

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Welcome from the A&GS Dean's Office

Front Row, from left to right:  Leslie Illston, Development & Alumni Relations; Jenny Spade, Staff Assistant; Christine Reed, NWC Librarian; Claire Chastain, Event Manager; Berrien Moore, Dean; Mary Anne Hempe, Assistant Dean; Debbie Farris, Administrative Manager; Tanya Guthrie, Finance & Operations; Lee Anne Sallee, Executive Assistant. Second Row, from left to right:  Jim Davis, A/V Engineer; Kyle Sandidge, NWC Facility Manager; Jason Glass, Technology Coordinator; Petra Klein, Associate Dean; Greg Leffler, Shipping & Receiving Tech; Heather Murphy, Finance & Operations; Boye Ladd, External Relations.

A&GS News Site

Please visit our News site for the latest information about our student, staff, and faculty accomplishments.

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A&GS Friends Society

To support the amazing activities happening within the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, the College and its Board of Visitors is proud to establish the Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences Friends Society. Funds raised from memberships will be used to support the educational learning experience for the college’s students, faculty, and staff.

Benefits of membership include an annual membership party, AGU and AMS reception tickets, as well as special access to College events. We encourage you to make a financial contribution to support these worthy efforts and to get involved with our friends!

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2020 A&GS Student Award Recipients

We are deeply grateful to all our donors and supporters for providing scholarship opportunities to our students.  These funds have a direct and noticeable impact on students’ lives.  Although we are not able to celebrate in person this year, please join us in congratulating the 2019-2020 honorees listed below:

2020 Kenneth Crawford Award for Synoptic Meteorology

Matthew Bray

2020 Kenneth Crawford Award for Measurements

Zoe Douglas

2019 David James Shellberg Memorial Scholarship

Ryann Wakefield

John T. Snow Study Abroad Scholarship

Juliana Mejia

South Central Climate Science Adaptation Center Scholarship

Carli Buchanan

Cassady Shaw


Department of Geography & Environmental Sustainability

Clyde F. Bollinger

Maya Henderson

John M. Caldwell Memorial Awards

Filo Gómez

James Davis Geography Early Scholar Award

Savannah Lemmons

Ralph and Margaret Olson Scholarships

Matthew Armor

Jenna Randall

Jay Wimhurst

Pugh Pioneer Family Scholarship

Brandon Nguyen

Christian Capehart

Charles Standley Memorial Award

Ethan Heck

Bheru and Lila Sukhwal Scholarship

Aditi Singh

Gress Family Geography Scholarship

Erin Stanley

Vernon & Sandra Nutter Scholarship

Julie Bahr

Rajveer Korpe

Dorothy Na-Yemeh


Katherine “Rose” Nordhues


School of Meteorology

Thomas Julian Lockhart Scholarship

Max Ungar

Fawbush-Miller Scholarship

Tyler Stanfield

SoM Study Abroad Scholarships

Kristine Chen

Matthew DeMaria

Connor Pearson

Annalisa Sanfilippo

Alyssa Woodward

Meteorology Junior with Best Overall GPA

Izzi Ariail

Jacob Genuise

Mya Sears     

Meteorology Senior with Best Overall GPA

Kristine Chen

Matthew Bray 

Outstanding Performance as an Undergraduate

Kristine Chen

Outstanding Service as an Undergraduate

Joshua Schank

Kelvin & Lisa Droegemeier Scholarship for Excellence in Meteorology

Connor Pearson

Andrea Gordon

Eric Nguyen Memorial Scholarship

Victor Alvarez

Forrest W. Johns Memorial Scholarship

Joshua Schank

Bruce Pollack

Elbert W. “Joe” Friday Scholarship

Izzi Ariail

Rex Inman Scholarship

Alyssa Woodward

Max Ungar

Edwin and Lottie Kessler Memorial Scholarship

Kat Davis

Isaiah Schick

Juliana Mejia

Mark & Kandi McCasland Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research

Matthew Bray

Outstanding Performance as a Graduate Student

Jordan Christian

Outstanding Service as a Graduate Student

Emily Tinney

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Noah Brauer

Tommy C. Craighead Award

Andrew Byrd

Yoshi Sasaki Award

Ryann Wakefield

Douglas Lilly Award

Ryan Lagerquist

OU Provost's Ph.D. Dissertation Prize Award

Xu Lu

More information about the A&GS Awards can be found at:

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A&GS Spotlights

Showcasing Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Friends of the College

May 19, 2020

Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Buway

First captivated by Oklahoma’s ever changing weather patterns, Stephanie Buway always knew she wanted to attend the University of Oklahoma. “Originally I wanted to chase tornadoes for a living! Growing up in Michigan, I did not have any exposure to that, so I thought that sounded like a fun and exciting time. I always liked the Outdoors, but I watched the movie Twister way too much, and so that is what I wanted to do! And as we know, OU has the best meteorology program in the country, so that was my dream school.” Buway’s time at OU began as a prospective meteorology student, but then turned to geography after one class with a significant faculty member.

Dr. Scott Greene, a professor and the Associate Chair of OU’s Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, was teaching an Intro to Physical Geography class that Buway was enrolled in. When asked about Greene’s influence on her change to geographic sciences, Buway remarked, “Not only was I always interested in outdoor science, the environment, things like that, but when I met Dr. Green, it just clicked. I may not be getting a meteorology degree anymore, but I think I found where I fit in this world. The opportunities that he provided through letting me work with the Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative, I could not have asked for a better experience in my life. That pointed the arrow in the direction of where I am at today. He continues to still be my mentor, and I still look to him for advice.”

Buway recalls her favorite memory from OU was when she was working at the Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative, and getting to accept the Wind Working Group of the Year Award at the Wind Power Conference in Los Angeles in 2007. She graduated with her B.A. in Geography in 2005, and then her M.A. in Geography in 2007. She currently works for DTE Energy on their renewable energy solutions team. She mentions, “My primary focus right now is on net metering and distributed generation projects, or private solar systems basically. There are aspects of using my geography degrees for this, you need to look at climate maps and understand a lot of dynamics. Geography taught you how to look at the world kind of as a whole, and the interactions. I deal with a lot of customer issues, and I am learning a lot about engineering.” Buway is currently also pursuing an M.B.A. from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. A current class she takes, Urban Business and Sustainability, has opened her eyes to the future of geography: “So much of geography is tied into green infrastructure work. Studies of human and earth interactions, and humans can utilize green infrastructure not only for corporate benefit, but for our own well-being. How it drives patterns of what humans do, just the whole topic of green infrastructure really struck a chord with me. Green infrastructure is something that is going to help communities thrive…the topic reminded me of being back in school with Scott.”

Buway’s advice for current A&GS college students is, “Enjoy it, and have fun! Learn a lot, because there is a lot to learn. Get involved with any groups on campus that are doing what you are interested in. Find organizations in the community that you can also get involved with. Start creating your network now, and get to know people in the fields that you are interested in. Networking is key, also be engaged and ask questions!” Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Buway provides some words to those who have just graduated, “You have gained valuable skills, and pandemic or not, they will always be with you. This too shall pass, and you will still find a career, and there are still people that need intelligent young graduates that are eager to go out into the world. We are still going to have sustainability issues, there is no slowing that down…those are moving forward. Stay resilient, and don’t worry. You are going to end up where you belong in a good career!”

May 19, 2020

Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Leslie

As a recent Spring 2020 graduate from the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, Elizabeth Leslie has had quite the senior experience. Earning her Bachelor’s of Science in Meteorology, with a minor in Communication, Leslie is ready to take on the world amidst a global pandemic. Leslie began her interest in OU within her junior year of high school, her family was worried that the distance between Virginia and Oklahoma was too great. Leslie remarks, “…my mom wanted me to really understand how far Oklahoma was from my home state…That plan kind of backfired because I absolutely fell in love with OU (and so did my mom).” A tour of the National Weather Center is what hooked Leslie into overcoming the distance between states, and sealed her college commitment to OU.

While volunteering at many events such as the National Weather Festival, Leslie looks back on her times as a meteorology student with great fondness. Leslie has been part of a student group known as the “Weather Friends”, which have meteorology students dress up as different weather-themed superheroes. “Children who I interacted with knew quite a bit about the weather and also were interested in learning more. Watching the smile appear on their face when they answer a question correctly was extremely rewarding, and they really did think we were all superheroes!”

Leslie reflects on the impacts of receiving her degree from A&GS, “Pursuing a degree through the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences exposed me to many possible career paths that alumni have taken…Student organizations such as SCAN and OWL have helped by inviting speakers from various backgrounds to speak with current students. In addition, professors are accessible to talk to about research opportunities and career paths.” Along her journey at OU, she received many interactions with different mentors. Mentors such as James Hocker and Andrea Melvin from the Oklahoma Mesonet, and Dr. Daphne LaDue with the Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms. She mentions that these mentors helped to “strengthen her communication skills” and guide her through her own senior research projects.

In her opinion, the future of meteorology professions will be heavily weighted towards communicating weather information effectively. “I may be slightly biased… I have already seen this with various research projects coming out of the NWC and beyond, and I really believe that these skills in the social sciences will become more and more important.” Leslie’s advice to all incoming A&GS students mentions, “…take advantage of all the opportunities provided through the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences! There are so many amazing people and events that you can attend to learn something new!”

College of A&GS Events