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NASA talks: Mars in the Age of Space Exploration


NASA researcher Dr. Richard Zurek is coming to the National Weather Center beginning at 7 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 10. Dr. Zurek, an expert on the climate of Mars, the Chief Scientist for the Mars Program Office at JPL. He will tell the story of the three Mars missions and their discoveries, from the possiblilty of habitation to the changing climate.

Immediately before the forum, visitors are invited to attend a complimentary reception accompanying the Galileo’s World exhibits at the National Weather Center.

For more information, click here.

Oklahoma Schools Share $6 Million Award to Develop Weather Drones

The University of Oklahoma is one of four universities that are working together on an unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that improve weather forecasting. The $6 million funding comes from the National Science Foundation over the next four years. 

The University of Oklahoma will be supporting this project through its established strengths in meteorology and radar engineering. Small UAS technology enables researchers to explore the region of the atmosphere immediately above the Earth’s surface called the atmospheric boundary layer.  OU has considerable experience in boundary layer meteorology and the addition of small UAS will considerably impact future studies. Additionally, OU will begin to explore the challenging question of how small UAS can be integrated into studying the impacts of climate change on our society. From an engineering side, this project will enable researchers at the University of Oklahoma to continue developing improved methods of detecting and tracking small UAS and efficiently communicating with these aircraft.

“I very am excited to be part of this project because if allows us to fundamentally demonstrate the value of using small UAS to monitor and investigate the lower atmosphere. This research has the potential to be a real game changer for meteorology and weather forecasting.” - Dr. Phil Chilson, professor at the University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology & Advanced Radar Research Center.

Environmental Sustainability Major turned Drum Major - Meet Kyle Mattingly!

OU Drum Major

This year, the Pride of Oklahoma is lead by our own Kyle Mattingly. Kyle is a senior from Noble Ok and second generation Pride member. He has always looked up to the Drum Major and dreamed of holding this honor. "To be able to run out on the field and then 85,000 people just erupt because they’re excited the band’s here, football’s here, you know it’s time to beat so-and-so and we’re the ones leading the charge ... That’s really exciting, and it’s something you don’t get many times in your life." 

We are proud of all your hard work Kyle!

Congratulations Lance Leslie and Mike Richman


on your paper co-authored by Hamish A. Ramsay titled Seasonal Tropical Cyclone Predictions Using Optimized Combinations of ENSO Regions: Application to the Coral Sea Basin reaching #1 in J Climate and #3 in all AMS Journals! We are so proud of you!

Click here for the link to the paper.

NWC Research Exploration

Dr. Berrien Moore III, dean of the College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences and director of the National Weather Center, discusses how the NWC impacts research and student engagement at The University of Oklahoma.

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