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Faculty and Research

Faculty Member

Lauren Ethridge

Lauren E. Ethridge

Assistant Professor, Psychology and Pediatrics Dale Hall Tower 739 405-325-4497 Ph.D., Neuroscience, University of Georgia, 2011


The Brain and Biomarker Laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Lauren Ethridge, is a multidisciplinary, translational neuroscience laboratory focusing on applications of basic science to clinical outcomes, particularly in neurodevelopmental disorders.

The BABL group centers on the use of dense-array EEG as a translational tool for learning more about brain function in neurodevelopmental disorders. The ultimate goal of our research is to establish non-invasive biological markers for changes in brain function that not only elucidate neural and molecular pathways affected by disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder but also serve as aids for early identification, early predictors for response to individualized treatment protocols, and reliable indicators of treatment effects.

Research in the lab is highly collaborative, with a large network of investigators across the country. Current research includes:

1. EEG as a translational, treatment sensitive, biomarker in rare genetic disorders associated with autism, including Fragile X Syndrome and Phelan-McDermid Syndrome

2. Neural correlates of face processing in toddlers at risk for autism

3. Characteristics of EEG activity related to variation in ASD symptoms across the full spectrum, including subclinical characteristics in the typically developing population

4. Dense phenotyping of biologically based subtypes (“biotypes”) across the schizo-bipolar spectrum of psychosis

Selected Publications:

Hudgens-Haney, M. E., Ethridge, L. E., Knight, J. B., McDowell, J. E., Keedy, S. K., Pearlson, G. D., Tamminga, C. A., Keshavan, M. S., Sweeney, J. A., and Clementz, B. A. (2017) Intrinsic neural activity differences among psychotic illnesses. Psychophysiology, in press.

Shou, G., Mosconi, M. W., Wang, J., Ethridge, L. E., Sweeney, J. A., and Ding, L. (2017) Electrophysiological signatures of atypical intrinsic brain connectivity networks in autism. Journal of Neural Engineering, in press.

Ethridge, L. E., White, S. P., Mosconi, M. W., Wang, J., Erickson, C., Byerly, M. J., and Sweeney, J. A. (2017) Neural synchronization deficits linked to cortical hyper-excitability and auditory sensitivity in Fragile X Syndrome. Molecular Autism, in press.

Wang, J., Ethridge, L. E., Mosconi, M. W., White, S. P., Binder, D. K., Pedapati, E. V., Erickson, C. A., Byerly, M. J., and Sweeney, J. A. (2017) A resting EEG study of neocortical hyperexcitability and altered functional connectivity in Fragile X Syndrome. Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 9:11.

Ethridge, L. E., White, S. P., Mosconi, M. W., Wang, J., Byerly, M. J., and Sweeney, J.A. (2016) Reduced habituation of auditory evoked potentials indicate cortical hyperexcitability in Fragile X Syndrome. Translational Psychiatry 6: e787.

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Narayanan, B., Ethridge, L. E., O’Neil, K., Dunn, S., Mathew, I., Tandon, N., Calhoun, V. D., Ruano, G., Kocherla, M., Windemuth, A., Clementz, B. A., Tamminga, C. A., Sweeney, J. A., Keshavan, M. S., and Pearlson, G.D. (2015) Genetic sources of subcomponents of event-related potential in the dimension of psychosis analyzed from the BSNIP study. American Journal of Psychiatry 172(5): 466-478.

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