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Sridhar Radhakrishnan

Director of CS / Professor / Co-Director, Data Science and Analytics

Dr. Radhakrisnan

DEH 158 or 242 | (405) 325-3078

Protocol design for wireless and mobile computing sensor, power aware protocols in mobile networks, algorithms for quality of service routing in broadband networks, and resource allocation problems in wireless networks.  More...

John Antonio

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Howard & Suzanne Kauffmann Chair in Engineering

Dr. Antonio

DEH 232 | (405) 325-4397
Link: Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Embedded high performance computing, reconfigurable computing, parallel and distributed computing, and cluster computing. More ...


Mohammed Atiquzzaman

Edith Kinney Gaylord Presidential Professor

Dr. Atiquzzaman

DEH 250 | (405) 325-8077

Wireless and mobile computing, Quality of service for next generation Internet,Optical networks, Avionics, multimedia over high speed networks,satellite networks, multiprocessor systems and image processing. More ...

Qi Cheng

Williams Company Foundation Presidential Professor

Dr. Cheng

DEH 254 | (405) 325-1017

Cryptography, DNA/molecular computing,algorithmic self-assembly and theoretical computer science.  More ...

Andrew H. Fagg

Presidential Associates Presidential Professor and Associate Professor of Computer Science and Bioengineering

Dr. Fagg

DEH 243 | (405) 325-8606

Machine learning, robotics, computational neuroscience, brain-machine interfaces and interactive art.  More ...

Song Fang

Assistant Professor

Dr. Fang

DEH 232 | (405) 325-3536

Wireless Security, Cyber-Physical System Security, Mobile Computing

Christan Grant

Assistant Professor

Christan Grant

DEH 234 | (405) 325-5408

Databases, Data Mining, Text Analytics, Streaming algorithms, High Dimensional User Interaction. More ...

Le Gruenwald

Dr. David W. Franke Professor and Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Presidential Professor

Dr. Gruenwald

DEH 233 | (405) 325-3498

Mobile and distributed databases,multimedia databases, real-time databases, object-oriented databases,temporal databases, and data mining.  More...

Dean Hougen

Associate Professor

Dr. Hougen

DEH 242 | (405) 325-3150

Artificial Intelligence, robotics, machine learning,multi-agent systems, and knowledge-based systems.  More...

Rafal Jabrzemski

Assistant Professor of Practice

Dr. Jabrzemski

DEH 235 | (405) 325-0566

Software Engineering, Computational Science, Dynamic Data Assimilation, Meteorology. More...

Changwook Kim


Dr. Kim

DEH 253 | (405) 325-4281

Algorithms and complexity, formal languages and automata, artificial intelligence, and programming languages and compilers. More...

S. Lakshmivarahan


Dr. S. Lakshmivarahan

DEH 230 | (405) 325-2978

Learning algorithms, interconnectionnetworks, scientific computing andparallel processing, data mining, and dynamic data assimilation andtheir applications to meteorology and finance.  More...

Amy McGovern


Dr. McGovern

DEH 251 | (405) 325-5427

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning,relational knowledge discovery, data mining and robotics.  More...

Chongle Pan

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Microbiology and Plant Biology

Dr. Pan

DEH 231 | (405) 325-2972

Bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, knowledge discovery, More...



Deborah Trytten

Presidential Associates Presidential Professor

Dr. Trytten

DEH 234 | (405) 325-4299

Undergraduate education in computerscience, collaborative learning, the use of technology in classroomteaching, computer graphics, educational game development, and computer vision.  More...

Chris Weaver

Associate Professor

Dr. Weaver

DEH 241 | (405) 325-3380

Information Visualization, Visual Analytics, Human-Computer Interaction, Databases, Data Mining.  More...