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Appendix 2
Strategy Definition Example
Openness Releasing all information about an issue immediately. Seek internal and external opportunities to tell your side of the story. Diet Pepsi: Hypodermic needle scare. Diet Pepsi opened its canning lines, its employees, and its CEO to media.
Agenda Setting Everything is on the record, especially during the beginning phase of a crisis. Communicate your values first, and then worry about what the media is asking. Exxon Valdez oil spill. Exxon DID NOT have an agenda in responding to issues in media, resulting in media-driven issues and information release.
Relevance Communicate during a crisis the importance of the issue that got you there in the first place. Don't allow the importance of an act to be called into question. Late 1980's BRAC rounds: Pentagon announced base closures by showing the relevance to overall military force strengths and goals associated with BRAC.
Legal Limitations Seek internal legal counsel immediately, however, all advice from counsel must come as fast as media's questions. 1st Lt Kelly Flinn. Legal advice didn't come quickly to public affairs.
Legal Implications: Cultural Counsel addressing crisis must understand legal implications in host country, and how the law will be enforced. Union Carbide gas leak in India, killed thousands. When UC's CEO arrived next day to assist in recovery operations, he was immediately arrested at the airport.
Release Coordination Make sure everyone in coordination process is aware of crisis issue and is not releasing conflicting information. EA-6B Prowler Italian cable cutting. Release coordination and authority weren't clear during the beginning phase of the crisis.
Public Think What will the public think about the crisis? Address internally and externally what they would want to know from you during a crisis. Exxon DID NOT use public think. Exxon communicators during oil spill only addressed company's concerns.
Responsiveness Acting quickly and responding to any requests for information, or requests about issues affecting crisis. Exxon CEO DID NOT respond quickly during the Valdez oil spill. Resulting in media-controlled, one-sided responses in newspapers and television.
Message Make sure the appropriate message is being addressed at all opportunities, especially during the initial phase of the crisis. 1st Lt Kelly Flinn. USAF did not emphasize key goals of case, resulting in negative messaging by media.
Cultural Being aware of cultural, ethnic sensitivities and language. EA-6B Prowler. U.S. Ambassador to Italy laid wreath at tragedy site, resulting in positive impact on Italian perception.
Single Spokesperson Create, train, and equip a single source to answer all internal and external queries regarding your role in the crisis: CEO or wing commander equivalent.  Exxon CEO DID NOT respond to media queries and was no where to be found during first phase of crisis, resulting in negative publicity for company.
Firefighter Someone, or a group of people, who examine issues during a crisis that can flare up and/or intensify the situation further. Diet Pepsi Hypodermic Needle: Pepsi headquarters put a team together that was charged with finding the latest media reports, and getting that information to others quickly.