The Impact of Air Shows, Fly-overs, Open Houses, and Guest Days 
on Public Opinion
Jon Connor, Patricia Huizinga, Peter Kerr
  • Introduction
  • Demonstration Teams
  • Air Show Cost & Popularity
  • Theoretical Basis
  • Costs of Military-Sponsored Public Events
  • Study Design, Method & Results
  • Pilot Study
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C
  • Appendix D
  • References
  • About the authors
  • Questions:

    1. What is your sex (gender)?

    2. How did you hear about today's air show (open houses/fly-over/guest day)

    3. What, if any, connection do you have with the military?

    4. What is your age?

    5. How far did you travel (estimate miles) to get to this airshow?

    6. If I had not come to the air show today, I would instead have ___________ today.

    7. I am familiar with the military's equipment, mission and people.

    8. I have a favorable opinion about the military.

    9. I consider air shows (open houses/fly-overs/guest days) a good use of my tax dollars.

    10.  I am a supporter of the military.

    11.  At anytime during the air show (open house/fly-over/guest day) did the thought cross your mind that the military lifestyle might be for you? 

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