Couch Cafeteria, University of Oklahoma

On the first day of class Joint Course students will receive a University of Oklahoma student body identification card. In addition to providing access to various facilities across campus, the card is encoded with a Sooner Sense account allowing students to charge at the eateries on campus.

The University of Oklahoma has more than 15 restauarants on campus for students to eat at. The main cafeteria on campus is the Couch Cafeteria. Students can also charge meals at the other restaurants on campus including Burger King, Taco Mayo, Chick-Fil-A, Wendys and Baskin Robins as well as others. Students can also charge at the Cate Center convenience store which stocks a wide variety of snack-foods and quick meals designed to be prepared in a dormatory facility. For more information about the restaurants on campus including online menus and facility hours visit the OU Food Services.