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Executive MBA in Energy

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The Executive MBA in Energy

ALL Energy, ONLY Energy: a 15-month primarily online MBA program

Over the last 100 years, the University of Oklahoma has occupied a prominent place, educating students for careers in the energy management industry, especially in oil and gas management. From major oil companies to independents across the United States, you can find OU graduates at every level of these organizations, including many at the executive level. OU’s geographic location sits at the crossroads of the major pipelines and is only a few miles down the road from the leaders in directional drilling, making the University of Oklahoma uniquely positioned to offer an MBA in oil and gas management.

To accommodate the schedules of the working professional in the energy industry, the EMBA in Energy Program at the University of Oklahoma is delivered primarily online. To ensure strong connections among the cohort, there are three face-to-face week-long residencies, including an international immersion week in Amsterdam, Netherlands and London, UK.

The EMBA program is designed to create current and future leaders in the energy industry. The program offers you with the business fundamentals specifically customized for energy professionals, a global perspective on energy, and executive career coaching to enhance your leadership skills. And the primarily online delivery allows you to take it from anywhere in the world.

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Thank you for your interest in the Executive MBA in Energy Program at the OU Price College of Business. It is a unique opportunity to participate in this premier Energy MBA program, where you will participate in a top-tier business curriculum that revolves around the issues and challenges facing the energy industry today. Plus, with the primarily online delivery, it is also the most convenient.

This program was created in partnership with energy company executives interested in developing the energy leaders of tomorrow by offering the number one leadership and learning program for ambitious, forward-thinking energy executives worldwide. The program addresses all aspects of the business of energy, develops leadership skills and provides a global energy perspective. Faculty from academia and the energy industry are carefully selected for the program and all courses are designed within the context of energy. The result is a top-tier EMBA program that will impact your future in the energy industry

EMBA in Energy Program Overview (pdf)

The program is led by Price College faculty with significant work experience in the energy industry as well as senior energy professionals to ensure you receive a pragmatic education relevant to you. 

EMBA Faculty

We only admit students with significant energy-related work experience, which means each student comes equipped with meaningful industry experience to share with the class of about 20, forming a great professional network. In addition, the Energy Institute at the Price College of Business has an outstanding Advisory Board who can serve as your mentor.

Current EMBA Students

To accommodate your schedule, the program is delivered primarily online. Each online course is carefully designed to be highly interactive between faculty and students, as well as among the students. We complement the online courses with three one-week residencies, two on our university campus in Norman, Oklahoma, and one in London, England. These residencies allow students to meet each other and the faculty as well as interact in-person with current leaders of the energy industry.

Sequence of Courses (PDF)

The energy industry is increasingly more global. Major producers and consumers are from different parts of the world. Thus, globalization of supply and demand, fluctuating price, and diverse regulations and policies affect the industry. The industry’s supply chain often crosses national borders and continents. The structure of the energy organizations – NOCs, supermajors, independents – have their own global implications, as does the benchmark used for pricing oil. Thus, a leader in the energy industry benefits considerably from having a global perspective.

The OU EMBA in Energy program tackles globalization through an immersive week abroad that begins in Amsterdam, Netherlands and ends in London, UK. 

Two courses are offered abroad:

Managerial Economics
Discusses several macro and micro economic topics from an international perspective.

Strategic Management
Uses a combination of theoretical discussion, international case studies, the instructor’s own international business experience, and a proven framework of a super-major to understand how to apply strategy in international settings.

The trip also includes plenty of cultural tours and corporate visits to both local and international headquarters to learn about the many aspects of energy abroad.

View photos from the latest international trip (Flickr album)

Along with the courses and the overarching themes of globalization and leadership, our program prepares you to be a world-class leader. Our executive career coach designed the leadership development segment specifically for the EMBA program. It identifies and understands your strengths, fine-tunes your leadership style and helps clarify your career goals.

Executive Career Coach

Our EMBA program propels your career for the immediate future because the distance between learning a concept and actually applying it is very short. It also opens up a platform for lifelong learning and opportunities.

Recent EMBA Alumni Board


Tuition for EMBA students is $77,400. The tuition for the EMBA program at Price College includes tuition, fees, course materials and technology for the entire program. The cost of lodging and food for the three residency weeks is also included in tuition.  

Tuition is charged in four installments.  Price College offers this flexibility in order to align with corporate tuition reimbursement programs and other scholarship programs.

Once accepted into the EMBA program, students are required to submit a $1,500 non-refundable deposit. As the class size is small, this is necessary to ensure we have a complete cohort to enhance your energy management learning experience. This deposit will be applied to your first module’s tuition as long as you enroll in the program and start with your designated cohort class.


Corporate Reimbursement

As this program is focused specifically for energy companies, your company might consider providing full or partial tuition support. Preparing a request for corporate sponsorship or a request for tuition reimbursement is an important next step.  Please contact us, and our energy MBA team can provide support on navigating this process.

Financial Aid

The University of Oklahoma’s financial aid office assists students by providing information about scholarship and financial aid opportunities available at the University of Oklahoma. Please see the office of financial aid if you are interested.

Bursar and Financial Aid Guide (PDF)