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Entrepreneurship students visit entrepreneurs and their success stories in Austin

On November 29th, 8 Price College of Business students were given the opportunity to travel to Austin to meet entrepreneurs that had grown their businesses into successful ventures. The companies that were visited ranged from small start-ups like the environmentally friendly fashion accessory company, Blue Avocado and self-storage search engine,, to large well-known brands such as Dell, IBM and National Instruments. Students were able to meet venture capitalists, CEOs, CFOs, and every shape and size of entrepreneur imaginable. Students walked through the infamous offices of National Instruments to watch demonstrations of the gadgets the employees had developed, and they laughed as students ducked to avoid the remote-controlled helicopters that buzzed overhead.

Students not only had the opportunity to pick the brains of successful, well-respected entrepreneurs, they also saw a new world open up to them; the world of entrepreneurship. Engineers saw the possibility of owning their own business. Entrepreneurs got to learn about the new technologies that are available to solve customer problems. Also, students were able to visit with OU donors and alumni, talking about everything from sports to job opportunities. Several students received internships and job opportunities as a direct result of the trip. All-in-all the trip was a success thanks to the generous support of donors, the involvement of alumni and area entrepreneurs, University staff, and a handful of Price College’s best and brightest.