Samuel Roberts Noble Electron Microscopy Laboratory


770 Van Vleet Oval
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73019-0245

Laboratory, Office & appointments: 1-405-325-4391
FAX: 1-405-325-7619

Laboratory and Facilities

The Samuel Roberts Noble Electron Microscopy Laboratory (SRNEML) was created by a generous donation of the Noble Foundation of Ardmore, Oklahoma in 1979. Today, the Lab occupies 15 rooms for instruments, photography and instruction in the Noble Microscopy Laboratory building and six research rooms in the adjacent George Lynn Cross Hall, which is occupied by the Department of Botany and Microbiology at 770 Van Vleet Oval. The facility occupies a total of nearly 4,500 square feet for research and instruction. The SRNEML is available for use by researchers at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral and faculty) with cooperative research opportunities with clients both on- and off-campus. The Laboratory also offers open houses and tours for elementary and high school groups and other groups, including explanations of how the instruments work, operational displays and examples of how they are used in industry.

Currently, the SRNEML houses the most sophisticated collection of electron microscopes in the State, with a current capital value of nearly $1.4 million. University researchers requiring the instruments may use the equipment for a nominal charge, plus reimbursement for photographic supply usage and expendables. Usage may be arranged with the Director or the Electron Microscopists.

Faculty and Staff of the SRNEML

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