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Recognizing the staff of the University of Oklahoma, Norman campus, have a sincere interest in and highest regard for the continuing goals, purposes and functions of the University of Oklahoma, it is the mission of the Staff Senate to seek the active representation and involvement of staff in the affairs of the University.

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  Melissa Lane
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Welcome to the Norman Staff Senate!
Serving the University since 1971

    Each staff member appointed through the Norman campus is represented within the governance system by a member group. Individuals classified as non-exempt (hourly) or exempt (monthly) staff are represented by one of the following member groups: the Administrative Staff Council, the Hourly Employees Council, the Informational Staff Association, or the Organizational Staff Council. In addition to functioning as autonomous organizations, these groups choose a prescribed number of Staff Senate representatives.

     Meetings of the Senate are typically* held on the third Wednesday of each month at 1:30p.m. in the Scholars Room of the Oklahoma Memorial Union.  Staff Senate meetings are open for all staff to attend.  (*Changes to this schedule will be posted on the "Schedule" page.)  

     For more information on Staff Senate and to navigate this site, please use the links in the toolbars located at the top of this home page.   Use the links at the bottom to navigate to member groups and standing committee sites.  

YOU Can Make a Difference!

  • Serve on your member group (Find which group you belong to here!)
  • Help with a committee
  • Volunteer for special events and projects

For more information, to volunteer for an event, or serve on a committee, serve as a member on Staff Senate, please email the
Staff Senate Office.    We welcome all staff members to become involved in the Excitement on Campus!  

Member Group Websites

Hourly Employees Council | Organizational Staff Council | Informational Staff Association | Administrative Staff Council

Standing Committee Websites

Staff Week Committee

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