Welcome to the African Students Association

We welcome all new and returning members. AFSA welcomes members from all over the world so if you think you have reached this website by mistake, do not leave just yet. Explore and maybe you'll find something interesting. This year we have alot of great things in store. Our goal this year is to increase our member base and participation which will enable us to speak in one voice in promoting Unity and Peace in Africa and all over the world. We want to reach out to everyone Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink; everyone is welcome. As the world gets smaller and smaller through advances in technology, our paths are going to cross more often so what better place to start understanding one another than in college. The best way we feel to do this is by creating more avenues where members and people at large have the opportunity to interact with one another and the Executive body so as to develop a sense of belonging to this organization. Social events will include but are not limited to Movie Nights, Barbeques, Ice Skating and bowling. Ideas for social events are very welcome. The contact information of all the Execs are in the contacts page.


AFSA Exzecs