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What is Communication?

The ability to communicate clearly, eloquently, and effectively has been the hallmark of an educated person since the beginning of recorded history. The study of communication explores the process of human interaction in interpersonal, group, organizational, intercultural, mediated, and political settings. Through research and theory-building, communication majors seek to interpret how individuals use symbols to understand and act within their environment.

A bachelor's degree in communication offers flexibility in career options. Those hoping to enter the fields of human relations, business, communication management, public policy and administration, or the media would find a communication background especially helpful.

The goal of the communication undergraduate program is to share the best available theories
 of communication and to facilitate the application of these theories for:

  • The improvement of the student’s communication skills. 

  • Increased understanding of the communication process. 

  • Development of the student’s ability to analyze and interpret the elements of the communication process as they occur in society. 

So, what's my degree?

A communication student graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The department also offers Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Communication graduate students can choose to concentrate in intercultural/international communication, language and social interaction, political/mass communication, health communication, or social influence/interpersonal communication. Students may also minor in communication.

Many communication students continue their education by pursuing graduate-level studies. OU’s graduate school is ranked among the top in both the Big 12 and the nation.

Do my interests fit?

Communication students typically have interests in:

  • Comfortable mediating and negotiating
  • Public speaking
  • Writing and message design 
  • Strong decision maker

How can OU Communication help me?

Employers rank communication skills as one of the top qualities they look for in employees. Communication skills are ranked as more important than candidates’ GPA or the university from which they graduated. OU's communication program teaches students the skills of public speaking, critical thinking, decision making, persuasion, writing, interpersonal, and organizational skills.    

How can I get involved?

There are numerous clubs communication students can be a part of. Check them out:

  • Undergraduate Communication Association
  • Forensic/speech team
  • Campus debate team
  • Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Honor Society

How can I study abroad?

OU has numerous study abroad opportunities for students of all majors. Whether you want to take electives, lower-division courses, or major requirements, be sure to check out what education abroad opportunities are available to you through the College of International Studies. 

What kind of career could I pursue?

Social Services
Human Resources
Nonprofit Organizations

What courses will I take?

  • Principles of Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication Theory
  • Communication Research Methods
  • Issues in Communication Study
  • Communication Electives

Wait, I can have a minor?

How much will I make?

Visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website to explore the median pay for jobs you can pursue with this degree. 

Contact Us:

OU Department of Communication
Phone: (405) 325-7710