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What is Psychology?

Recognizing that the field of psychology is broad and diverse, The Department of Psychology at OU offers its students a variety of opportunities to be best prepared for the subfield that they hope to pursue. Students can choose to study many of psychology's stimulating subareas: brain and biological bases of behavior, cognition, consciousness, development, personality, stress and coping, social behavior, abnormal behavior, human factors, group dynamics, occupational health and safety, industrial and organizational, and much more! These key concepts in psychology are paired with courses in a variety of arts and sciences topics such as biological science, computer science, physical science, and mathematics. An emphasis on statistics and research courses helps psychology students develop exceptional analytical, scientific, and critical-thinking skills that are applicable in many different fields of employment. Conducting psychological research as undergraduates engages OU's psychology students and prepares them for a variety of careers or graduate level work. A unique service learning capstone gives psychology students an opportunity to have hands-on experience related to mental health. Students are strongly encouraged to join the Psychology Club in order to find graduate school and career options, to meet students and faculty in the department, and to learn about volunteer and internship opportunities. The club also provides information for students about research being conducted in the department and how to get involved. 

So, what's my degree?

The Department of Psychology offers two degrees at the undergraduate level: the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in psychology. The program of study that culminates in a B.A. degree provides the student with experience and training necessary to pursue post-baccalaureate education in psychology and other professional areas or to secure employment immediately following completion of the undergraduate degree, and with the broad education essential to the formation of a well-rounded, informed individual. The B.S. degree in psychology is designed to provide additional training and experience in research to those students who want greater mastery in basic sciences and methodology. The B.S. degree program is most appropriate for those students who want to significantly enhance their competitive standing for admission to doctoral training in psychology - although it should be noted that the majority of our B.A. degree students have been highly successful in achieving graduate school acceptance as well. Any student who meets the requirements of the Dodge Family College of Arts and Sciences may pursue the B.A. degree in psychology; the B.S. degree program requires an application and a faculty sponsor. The department also offers two different minor program options for undergraduate students: psychology and pre-health social sciences.

For students who wish to continue their education beyond their bachelor's degree, OU offers Doctor of Philosophy degrees in psychology. In addition, a Master of Arts in organizational dynamics degree is offered on the OU-Tulsa campus.

Do my interests fit?

Psychology students typically have interests in:

  • Human thought
  • Behavior
  • Emotions
  • Health
  • Social sciences
  • Communication
  • Computers

High school preparation should include coursework in psychology, anthropology, and/or sociology courses, but a well-rounded background in math, biology, statistics, writing, and computer skills is also excellent preparation. People who value diversity and inclusivity are also well-suited for psychology.

How can OU Psychology help me?

The Department of Psychology offers its students the unique opportunity to be placed as interns at a local mental health care facility in order to give students a real-world experience in psychology. Members of the psychology faculty have done research with both the FBI and the Federal Aviation Administration, and a majority of faculty members have their own active research programs. They invite qualified juniors and seniors to participate as undergraduate research assistants on their research teams.

What courses will I take?

Psychology courses include:

  • Elements of Psychology
  • Understanding Statistics
  • Research Methods
  • Introduction to Personality
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Intro to Industrial Organizational Psychology

How can I study abroad?

OU has numerous study abroad opportunities for students of all majors. Whether you want to take electives, lower-division courses, or major requirements, be sure to check out what education abroad opportunities are available to you through the College of International Studies. 

What kind of career could I pursue?

Colleges and universities
Research institutes
Public policy institutes
Government agencies
Companies and corporations
Advertising agencies
School systems
Residential facilities

How much will I make?

Visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website to explore the median pay for jobs you can pursue with this degree. 

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