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Benefits of OU’s Parent and Family Programs

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OU Parent and Family Programs

Benefits of OU’s Parent and Family Programs

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OU’s Parent and Family Programs office is designed to connect parents and families with resources on campus, empowering both families and students throughout their university experience.

“I have three goals in my office,” shares Tracy Carlson, Parent and Family Programs Coordinator. “I want to get resources, communication, and support for families so that they can help their students thrive on campus as well as in life. We recognize that they play a key role in their students’ success, all the way from orientation to graduation. Families see it as a big investment that they’re making, so they want to feel like they have all the resources and the keys to help their students be successful.”

After a student is admitted to OU, Parent and Family Programs assists in the onboarding of the incoming student and their family, introducing families to resources available on campus. 

Carlson encourages families looking to connect to join Sooner Parents, OU’s parent association, and to follow Sooner Parents on Facebook, which shares events and resources throughout the school year.

“Parent and Family Programs is very informative,” shares Tammy Sims, a Sooner Parent member. “They have a calendar that helps you keep up-to-date with your student and what they’re going through without having to bug them about it. I feel like the more information you have about what your student’s involved in, the more supportive you can be.”

Additionally, Parent and Family Programs has partnered with the Campus Activities Council to redevelop Family Weekends in the fall and spring. Hosted and planned by CAC, Family Weekends are opportunities for the whole family to visit their students and engage in activities across campus.

“Parent and Family Programs is really a free resource to every single family, to have someone that can be their front desk and answer their questions,” Carlson says. “As a parent myself, I feel like knowledge gives me a sense of peace and power. I know that something is going on, so I can help remind my student or I can help encourage them to do it. If you equip parents and families with tools, their students have someone encouraging them.”