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Oklahoma Biological Survey

Biologist looks across the a pond in the Wichita Mountains

BioDiversity is Our Goal

The Biological Survey is both a state agency and a research department of the University of Oklahoma. The Biological Survey includes the Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory, Oklahoma Natural Areas Registry, and the Robert Bebb Herbarium.  Our faculty and staff are committed to providing the best available information on biodiversity in the state of Oklahoma. We do this through our surveys, inventories, and research on the state’s biodiversity. We also collect, curate, and share existing biodiversity data. We are committed to training students and the public in biodiversity science. To achieve our goals we work closely with other allied organizations throughout the state and region.

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Mussels of Oklahoma


Dr. Caryn Vaugn has developed a new and comprehensive website about all the mussels found in Oklahoma.

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Internship Opportunities

The Oklahoma Biological Survey and the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma have come together to develop a unique internship program. Two interships are open for Spring 2024.  Applications are due December 15th!

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Oklahoma Insects


Biologist Brenda Smith has several projects investigating Oklahoma's insects - dragonflies, tiger beetles, and butterflies.

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Plant Collections Database

The Bebb Herbarium is a member of the Texas-Oklahoma Regional Consortium of Herbaria (TORCH) which has consolidated their plant collections into a online database.

Field Days

Field Days are an opportunity for the public to visit Natural Areas that may not be open to the public.  At these educational events, visitors can learn about Oklahoma's biodiversity and management projects that promote natural diversity.  Some field days are also volunteer opportunities to help improve a Natural Area.

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of mussel species are considered imperiled




Mussel Taxa in Oklahoma


gallons of water can be filtered by an adult mussel in one day