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Field Days

Landscape view of fall foliage of the Cross Timbers

Field Days

Weed Wrangle - 6 April 2024

In partnership with the Oklahoma Invasive Plant Council and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, we will host a Weed Wrangle to tackle the invasive Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) at the Ozark Plateau National Wildlife Refuge.  The Ozark Plateau NWR was established to protect endangered Ozark species, including bats and other species that depend on cave systems.  Maintaining a healthy ecosystem outside of the caves is important for the recovery of these endangered species.

Training, gloves, and lunch provided.

Spring at Copperhead Ridge Natural Area - 11 May 2024

Join us for a spring tour of Copperhead Ridge on western edge of Pawnee County.  We will expect to see an abundance of prairie flowers blooming.  Botanist, Amy Buthod will be on hand to talk about the flora.  Conservation biologist, Priscilla Crawford will talk about the ecology of the Cross Timbers.  Ornithologist, Jeremy Ross will give a demonstration of the newly erected Motus Wildlife Tracking System tower.  Motus is uses automated radio telemetry to facilitate research and education on the ecology and conservation of migratory animals.