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Design System

Design  System


We have a variety of colors for use. Our primary color is Oklahoma Crimson. Black, white and grays play a strong supporting role as neutrals. Oklahoma Cream is reserved for print only. Accent colors may be used minimally alongside our primary color and neutrals.


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Our four typefaces add texture and variety to our visual system. The weights and styles have been purposefully selected to create contrast that allows the four typefaces to work in harmony. The four typefaces are: Mongoose, Arboria, Obviously Wide, and Freight


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Our campaign line, “There’s Only One”, is always set in a combination of Mongoose Bold and Arboria Black. In addition to standing on its own, the campaign line may be used as both a headline structure and payoff. To create visual interest and emphasis, general headlines may utilize a mix of typefaces (using Arboria to highlight 1-2 select words) or a shift in scale.


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Linework can be used within compositions to connect disparate elements on a page, frame up important words or images for emphasis, or add a layer of texture to create depth. Ornamental shapes inspired by campus architecture may be used as small accents or large, graphic patterns. Linework should utilize a single stroke weight and minimal detail to create an abstract, geometric look.


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Photography is a powerful tool for telling our story, showcasing the strength of many and the will of one. 


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Our compositions use rectangular forms and flexible grids which enable us to create a variety of layouts with the same sense of organization.


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