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Research Centers

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Research Centers

We are very fortunate to have four research centers housed in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Oklahoma. These centers bring together teams of researchers from our department, from other departments on campus and even from other institutions to address important issues. For more information on each of these centers please follow the provided links.

The Center for Structural Biology focuses on how to determine the structure of important biological molecules and how to use that information to better understand biological processes.

The Institute for Natural Products Applications and Research Technologies (INPART) studies a full scope of natural product discovery and synthetic methods to produce novel molecules and more potent analogs, the identification of biological targets for these molecules and the assaying and application to treat biological malfunctioning.

The Center for Bioanalysis (CBA) focuses on developing new techniques and understanding of how to detect biomolecules or molecules in biological systems.

The Center for Antiobiotic Discovery and Resistance (CADR) studies mechanisms of drug resistance in bacteria and develops new approaches and antibiotics effective against drug resistant pathogens.

Dr. Robert Cichewicz Instructing a Student