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Our Faculty

Kathleen Crowther, Associate Professor (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins)

Early modern science and medicine; body and gender in early modern Europe; science and religion.

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Piers Hale, Associate Professor (Ph.D., Lancaster University, England)

Social, political and scientific history of evolutionary biology; biomedical and environmental ethics; British socialism; environmentalism and feminism; gender and the body; science and utopia.

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Hunter Heyck

Hunter Heyck, Professor (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins)

19th- and 20th-century science; science and social thought; history of technology; information technology and society; technology and the environment.

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Kerry Magruder, Curator and John H. and Drusa B. Cable Chair of the History of Science Collections, Associate Professor of Bibliography, Associate Professor of the History of Science (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma)

17th- and 18th-century theories of the earth; early geology, cosmology, visual representation; history of the book; science and religion; and the development of the historical sciences.  

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Suzanne Moon, Associate Professor (Ph.D., Cornell)

History of technology; 20th-century international development; technology, science and colonialism; technology outside the western world; Southeast Asia; environment.

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Katherine Pandora, Associate Professor, Associates Presidential Professor (Ph.D., University of California, San Diego)

Science and the public; 19th- and 20th-century history of science; American science and technology; history of the social sciences; natural history; science studies.

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Peter Soppelsa, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of Michigan) ‪

History of technology, urban history, media history, modern European history (especially France's Third Republic and Paris), modernism and modernity, visual studies, animal studies, public works and public health.

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Rienk Vermij, Professor (Ph.D., University of Utrecht)

Cartesian natural philosophy; Copernicanism; early modern meteorology; Enlightenment, science and religion; science in the Netherlands.  

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Stephen Weldon, Professor, Chair of the Department, Bibliographer of the History of Science Society (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin) 

History of science and religion; study of the paranormal; modern biology and evolutionary psychology; American intellectual and cultural history.

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Emeritus Faculty

Kenneth L. Taylor, Hudson/Torchmark Presidential Professor, Emeritus (Ph.D., Harvard)

History of geology and natural history; 18th-century science; science in the French Enlightenment.

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Steven J. Livesey, Brian E. and Sandra O'Brien Presidential Professor, Emeritus (Ph.D., UCLA)

Medieval science; history of early scientific methodologies; science in medieval universities; manuscript studies.

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Marilyn B. Ogilvie, Curator Emeritus of the History of Science Collections, Professor Emeritus of Bibliography, Professor Emeritus of the History of Science (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma)

History of women and science, modern biological science.  

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Peter Barker, Professor (Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo)

History and historiography of the Scientific Revolution; 19th- and 20th-century physical science; 19th- and 20th-century psychology; philosophy of science.

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Affiliate Faculty

Miriam Gross, Associate Professor, Departments of History and International & Area Studies (Ph.D., University of California, San Diego)

History of East Asia medicine; environment, medicine, and public health in China; politics of public health; AIDS; endemic diseases; rural public health; global environmental issues; popularization of science.  

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Richard Hamerla, Associate Professor of History, Honors College (Ph.D., Case Western)

History of the physical sciences; 19th-century science; history of chemistry; science in the 19th-century American west.

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Rhona Seidelman, Associate Professor, Department of History, Schusterman Chair in Modern Israel Studies, Schusterman Center of Judaic and Israel Studies (Ph.D., Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Israeli history, immigration, public health, and medicine

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Sarah W. Tracy, Edith Kinney Gaylord Presidential Professor, Director - University of Oklahoma Medical Humanities Program, Associate Professor, Honors College  (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)

History and sociology of medicine; medicine in American culture; gender and medicine; history of the human sciences; history of psychoactive substances; sociology of knowledge; science studies; medical anthropology; food studies.  

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Eloges/Obituaries of Deceased Faculty