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Degree Requirements

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Degree Requirements

Master's Degree Requirements

The M.S. degree is conferred after a student has completed thirty hours of coursework (including 5003, 5013, 5901, 5911, 6073), a master's thesis (5980) and a successful final oral defense of the thesis. A nonthesis master's degree would consist of at least thirty-two hours.

Ph.D. Degree Requirements

In order to complete the Ph.D. in psychology, a student must (in approximate chronological order):

Complete the Department's prescribed first year including a first-year research project;
Choose a major professor;
Complete a three-semester statistics sequence;
Complete the experimental psychology core and minor course work;
Participate in an Advisory Conference in order to plan the coursework beyond the core and statistics sequence;
Complete a master's thesis and oral defense;
Complete the General Examination;
Complete at least ninety hours of coursework beyond the bachelor's degree;
Complete a doctoral dissertation and final oral examination.