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Faculty and Research

Faculty and Research Areas

  • Alexandra Bentz

    Neurogenomics of behavioral plasticity (more)
  • Ari Berkowitz

    Spinal cord control of limb movements (more)
  • Christopher D. Black

    Pain and neuromuscular function (more)
  • Chenkai Dai

    Neurophysiology and medical devices for the ear (more)
  • Lauren E. Ethridge

    Neurodevelopmental disorders (more)
  • Eugenia Fuenzalida

    Cognition, personality, and human performance (more)
  • Douglas D. Gaffin

    Scorpion behavior & sensory electrophysiology (more)
  • Rong Z. Gan

    Auditory biomechanics & restoration of hearing (more)
  • Randall S. Hewes

    Neuronal differentiation & plasticity (more)
  • J. Mikhail Kellawan

    Vascular control of cerebral and skeletal muscle circulations (more)
  • Rebecca Larson

    Body composition and physical performance (more)
  • Michael R. Markham

    Excitable membrane physiology and regulation (more)
  • J.P. Masly

    Evolution of neural architecture and behavior (more)
  • David McCauley

    Development & evolution of neural crest (more)
  • Hugo M. Pereira

    Neuromuscular physiology (more)
  • Ashlee Rowe

    Molecular neurophysiol. of sensory adaptations & behavior (more)
  • Ingo Schlupp

    Animal behavior & communication (more)
  • Indrajeet Sharma

    Natural products inspired drug discovery (more)
  • Shanteri Singh

    Natural product biosynthesis and diversification (more)
  • Laura Stein

    Behavioral ecology and neuroethology (more)
  • James N. Thompson, jr.

    Mutation rates in development & under stress (more)
  • Michael J. Wenger

    Perceptual organization & perceptual learning (more)
  • Ann H. West

    Environmental stress & signal transduction (more)

  • David S. Durica

    Steroid receptors & regulation of gene expression (more)
  • Andrew Fagg

    Computational neuroscience & brain-machine interfaces (more)
  • David P. Miller

    Mobility, assistive devices and robotics (more)
  • Thomas S. Ray

    Chemical architecture of the human mind (more)
  • Qinggong Tang

    Novel optical tools for brain functional imaging (more)
  • Andrea Vincent

    Cognition, individual differences, & human performance (more)