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Graduate Programs

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Graduate Programs

The University of Oklahoma's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Program offers graduate degrees at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels:

Several MS ECE options are available, including thesis, General Track (Comprehensive Exam) non-thesis, Industrial Internship non-thesis, and a non-thesis option with special emphasis on Deregulated Electric Power in conjunction with the Business College.

Although it is possible to complete ECE and TCOM advanced programs at either campus, it should be noted that the ECE programs are administered at the Norman campus, and the TCOM program is administered at the Tulsa campus.

ECE also offers a 5-Year Accelerated Dual (BS/MS) Degree Program for OU Computer Engineering bachelor’s degree candidates. This program makes it possible for select students to receive their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree with reduced cumulative credit hours. Interested OU junior level students with the required 3.00 GPA or better should obtain information from the ECE office. This program is designed for current ECE undergraduate students and is not open to new university applicants.

Available M.S. ECE and Ph.D. ECE degree areas of concentration includes:

  • Solid State,
  • Power/Energy Management,
  • Signal/Image Processing,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Bioengineering,
  • Controls/ Instrumentation,
  • Switching/Computer Systems, and
  • Weather Radar.

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