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Quantum Device Laboratory

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Quantum Device Laboratory

Quantum Device Laboratory at OU is working on quantum engineered semiconductor structures in sub-nanometer scale for realizing functional devices and sub-systems with support from NSF, DoD, and DoE.

In collaboration with researchers in other groups/institution, the group has demonstrated the world first Plasmon waveguide IC lasers at wavelengths near 6 and 7.5 microns, superlattice interband cascade photodetectors, and interband cascade photovoltaic devices for energy conversion.

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School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Oklahoma
110 West Boyd Street, Room 150
Norman, Oklahoma, 73019
Tel: 405-325-7361, Fax: 405-325-7066

Evolve Engineering Magazine

Our Research on the cover of Evolve Magazine, Summer 2012 issue. Read the magazine online.