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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Picture yourself in Mexico, France or Italy! Courses are taught by OU faculty and staff members. 

Images of the Eifel Tower, Puebla sign with students and the Colosseum.
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2024 Opportunities

Choose your summer sessions in Mexico, France or Italy or your fall semester in Italy. 

Building in Puebla, Mexico.

Puebla, Mexico - May 24-June 7  

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PLEASE NOTE: Dates listed are when program begins. Flights will need to be scheduled to arrive the day prior to the program start date.

The 2024 Summer 2-week Puebla, Mexico study abroad program begins and ends in Mexico City with most of your stay in the vibrant city of Puebla. Site visits and activities provide experiences and create memories that you will cherish forever, for instance:

  • explore Mexico City and its famous monuments such as the National Palace, the Cathedral Metropolitana, and the National Museum of Anthropology and History
  • experience the breath-taking vista of the magnificent mountain of Popocatépetl from the view of the Great Pyramid of Cholula
  • submerse yourself in the culture via dancing, food, and tile-making classes
  • seize the opportunity to fully engage in your engineering elective, Resilient Global Supply Chains, without outside obligations
  • examine various career paths via daily corporate site visits and tours
  • journey to the historic Aztec city of Coyocán and the ancient Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacán before returning to Mexico City for departure


  • All students take ENGR 4510 Resilient Global Supply Chains
Building in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Clermont-Ferrand, France - May 14 to June 9

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NOTE: Students attending this program must depart the U.S. no later than May 13th in order to arrive in Paris, France [Charles de Gaulle, CDG] on the program start date.

The 2024 Summer 4-week Clermont-Ferrand, France study abroad program begins and ends in the world-famous capital of Paris with most of your stay in the Rhône Alpes, Auvergne city of Clermont-Ferrand. The field trips, activities and site visits will provide exciting and meaningful memories, such as:

  • enjoy the sites of Paris via a River Seine cruise, and from the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • view the gargoyles of Cathedral of Notre Dame and tour the Louvre Museum with its famous ancient sculptures, and art works by Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo
  • explore the dormant volcanoes that surround Clermont-Ferrand, including a day trip to the Puy de Dôme
  • complete an elective course, Sustainable Engineering on the beautiful campus of the University Clermont Auvergne (UCA) founded in 1854, and enjoy the opportunity to meet UCA students
  • enhance your knowledge of professional pathways via corporate site visits
  • journey by bus or train to other cities in France on your free days, such as Vichy, Leon, or tour the Loire Valley before returning to Paris for departure


  • ENGR 4513G: Sustainable Engineering
Buildings in Arezzo, Italy.

Arezzo, Italy - May 14–June 9

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NOTE: Students attending this program must depart the U.S. no later than May 13th in order to arrive in Rome, Italy [via Fiumicino Airport, FCO] on the program start date.

The 2024 Summer 4-week Arezzo, Italy study abroad program begins and ends in the ancient capital of Rome with most of your stay in the hill-top, Tuscan city of Arezzo. Day trips and activities offer the opportunity to create memories that will last you a lifetime, for example:

  • explore the Roman Colosseum, and Forum
  • visit the Papal Vatican City, Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums, and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel paintings 
  • experience the vista of Renaissance Florence from the top of Brunelleschi’s Dome and marvel over Michelangelo’s legendary sculpture of David
  • tackle your Professional Development course without outside obligations, and enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with classmates
  • ignite your knowledge of career paths by attending corporate site visits and company tours
  • journey to Sorrento and the island of Capri within the Amalfi coast before returning to Rome for departure


  • ENGR 2002 Engineering Professional Development
Buildings in Arezzo, Italy.

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  • NOTE: Students attending this program must depart the U.S. no later than Aug 18th in order to arrive in country on the program start date. Students who want to be met upon arrival should fly into Florence [Firenze-Peretola, FLR] airport.

Please keep in mind you are required to take 12 hours of course credit offered by OU in Arezzo. 

Italian Language & Culture:

  • All OUA students are required to take one Italian language course (ITAL) at their respective level or the Italian Cultural Literacy (MLLL) course. Students coming in with little or no Italian will take 5 hours of ITAL 1115 or 1225 OR the 3-credit course MLLL 3393: Italian Cultural Literacy. More advanced students will take 3 hours of ITAL 2113, 2223 or 3073.

Engineering Courses:

  • ENGR 2002 – Engineering Professional Development
  • ISE 3293 - Applied Engineering Statistics (*Will substitute for
  • ECE 2523 and CEES 4253)
  • CEES/AME 2113 – Statics
  • BME 2333 - Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals

STEM Courses (open to all students with required pre-reqs):

  • MATH 2934: Differential and Integral Calculus III
  • PHYS 2524: Physics for Engineers II

Global Environment and Politics Track (Open to all majors) 

  • ENST 2203: Ecosyst Impacts Climate Change (Gen. Ed. Natural Science), Dr. Bruce Hoagland 
  • GEOG 3253: Environmental Conservation (Gen. Ed. Social Science), Dr. Bruce Hoagland 
  • IAS: Illicit Trafficking , Director of Italian Programs, Kirk Duclaux
  • Global Politics- TBD
  • IAS 3910: International Internship**OUA Internships provide an unique experience and 3 hours of additional credit. Please see the internship tab for additional information. 

Illicit Trafficking and Global Politics courses (Open to all major):

  • Exact courses and prefixes for these courses are forth coming!

Next Steps

To schedule a Study Abroad 101 info session with Education Abroad:

  1. Via the OU Homepage - go to the Education Abroad Website

  2. Fill out the registration form and choose your time.

  3. Study Abroad 101 sessions are available Monday-Friday for all students interested in studying abroad. Monday night sessions are held through Zoom at 7:30p m. Tuesday through Friday sessions are offered at 4:30 pm in Farzaneh Hall 146. You will receive a Zoom call invite just minutes before the session begins if you selected our virtual session.  If you are having any trouble signing up, please email for assistance.

pdf Info on Study Abroad 101 and How to Open an Application (PDF)  

Learn more about the engineering study abroad programs. 

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Leslie Detamore
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Leslie Detamore
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GCoE Study Abroad requires a 2.50 overall GPA and one full-time semester at OU prior to the full-time semester during which one applies to a GCoE study abroad program.

Information Brochures

The brochures contain more in-depth information about each study abroad program.


Teotihuacan, Mexico

Summer Program

Engineers in Puebla

Louvre, France

Summer Program

Engineers in France

Sorrento, Italy
St. Peters Basilica, Italy

Fall Semester Program

Italy STEAM Semester Abroad

Group of students in Mexico, led by Dr. Kash Barker and Dr. Andres Gonzalez
group of students in front of the Eiffel Tower
Group of students in Italy