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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

International and Global Opportunities. Study abroad.




Picture yourself in Puebla, Italy or France! Courses are taught by OU faculty and staff members. 




International and Global Opportunities

Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris, France

4-Week Summer Session 2023

May 16 to June 15

  • ENGR 2002 - Engineering Professional Development
Arezzo, Italy

4-Week Summer Session 2023

*May 16–June 12


Students take one of the three courses below.

  • ENGR 2002 - Engineering Professional Development
  • AHI 4383 - Italian Renaissance Art & Science
  • ENGR/PE 4970/5970 - Machine Learning
Cathedral in Puebla, Mexico

2-Week Summer Session 2023

*May 26–June 9


All students take: ENGR 4510 Resilient Global Supply Chains

Plaza in Arezzo, Italy

Fall Semester 2023

More About Arezzo

*Dates to be confirmed at a later date

Confirmed Course Offerings:


Arrival and Departure dates vary. Please contact Kaydee Dyer for details at

Students take at least 12 credits from the courses below.

STEM Offerings

  • ENGR 2002 – Engineering Professional Development (2 hrs) - OFFERED VIRTUALLY
  • ISE 3293 - Applied Engineering Statistics (3 hrs) (*Will substitute for ECE 2523 and CEES 4253)
  • CEES/AME 2113 – Statics (3 hrs)
  • BME 2333 - Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals - OFFERED VIRTUALLY
  • MATH 2934: Differential and Integral Calculus III
  • PHYS 2524: Physics for Engineers II

Italian Language/Culture Offerings - *REQUIRED*

All OUA students are required to take one Italian language course (ITAL) at their respective level or the Italian Cultural Literacy (MLLL) course. Students coming in with little or no Italian will take 5 hours of ITAL 1115 or 1225 OR the 3-credit course MLLL 3393: Italian Cultural Literacy. More advanced students will take 3 hours of ITAL 2113, 2223 or 3073.

  • ITAL 1115, 1225, 2113, 2223, 3073, 3423 - Italian Language
  • MLLL 3393 - Italian Cultural Literacy

Italian Culture Offerings Gen Ed (please note Pre-requisites):

  • ARCH 3013 - Architecture for Non-Majors (Gen Ed. Artistic Forms), Associate Professor of Architecture, David Boeck 
  • AHI 3303 - Renaissance Art in Italy (Gen. Ed. Western Culture), taught by the Director of Italian Programs, Kirk Duclaux
    PRE-REQUISITES – Junior standing
  • ARCH 4513 - Creativity through Sketching (Gen Ed. Artistic Forms), Associate Professor of Architecture, David Boeck 
    PRE-REQUISITES - Elective
  • IAS 3910 - International Internship
    PRE-REQUISITES - 45 completed hours and a minimum of a 2.75 overall GPA. May be repeated;
    maximum credit six hours. Application and interview required for internship.

Below are the courses that are open to all OUA students that require no specific pre-requisites 

  • IAS 3000 - Fascism, Neo-Fascism, and the Destruction of Democracy (Democracy Track), 16 Weeks, Rob Griswold
  • IAS 2003 - Understanding the Global Community (Democracy Track), Second 8 Weeks, Rebecca Cruise
  • TBD – Making Democracy Work (courtesy appointment at OU) (Democracy Track), First 8 Weeks TBD, Howard Sandborn
  • IAS 3000 - Political Violence in Liberal Democracies (Democracy Track), 16 Weeks, Stefano Marinelli (local prof)

* Please note that dates for these programs are subject to change (i.e. Covid-19 protocols, changes in visa requirements, academic calendar adjustments, etc.) Do not purchase airfare until the program directors indicate to do so. 


FAQs About GCoE International & Global Opportunities

  • Study abroad is open to current engineering majors with a 2.5 GPA or above
  • The courses are taught in English or led by OU faculty members and staff
  • Located at OU Study Centers or partner universities
  • The courses are two to four weeks long in Spring session or Fall semester



Meet Your Study Abroad Liaison

Leslie Detamore

Leslie Detamore

Study Abroad Liaison

Office: FH, 113A

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On any Wednesday between Sept. 28 and Nov. 23 via Zoom from 7:30-8:00 pm Central Time (U.S. and Canada)

Register in advance for any one of these meetings via this link:

To schedule a Study Abroad 101 info session with Education Abroad:

  1. Via the OU Homepage - go to the Education Abroad Website

  2. Fill out the registration form and choose your time.

  3. Study Abroad 101 sessions are available Monday-Friday for all students interested in studying abroad. Monday night sessions are held through Zoom at 7:30p m. Tuesday through Friday sessions are offered at 4:30 pm in Farzaneh Hall 146. You will receive a Zoom call invite just minutes before the session begins if you selected our virtual session.  If you are having any trouble signing up, please email for assistance.

pdf Info on Study Abroad 101 and How to Open an Application (PDF)

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Full Information Brochures

group of students in front of the Eiffel Tower
Group of students in Italy
Group of students in Mexico, led by Dr. Kash Barker and Dr. Andres Gonzalez