The graduate program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology spans >40 faculty across campus guiding students from the  Departments of Plant Biology-Microbiology and Biology at the University of Oklahoma.

"EEBies" study a wide variety of taxa, from the archaea to fungi, from algae to insects, from grasses to mammals.  We ask questions at a variety of levels from physiological ecology to phylogenetic reconstruction. We use tools as varied as quadrats and computer models, molecules and satellites, to get at the answers.  We work in ecosystems throughout Oklahoma, from high prairie to the ozark forests, from rivers to reservoirs, and from the polar seas to tropical rainforests.

 Our program offers guidance, tools, facilities, and financial support to students of ecology and evolutionary biology. 


 We are currently on summer break. Check back with us in late August for news of our weekly seminar, Ecomunch, and the latest info on all things EEB at OU.