Wednesdays at 1:30, in Richards 304


- 26 August—NO MEETING


Sept. 7           Jeremy Ross: A Macrosystems approach to severe weather ecology

Sept. 14         Laura Bartley: Discussion: Data Analytics Education and Research Needs in the College of Arts and Sciences

Sept. 21         Mike Kaspari: Discussion:Choosing a journal and choosing to review for a journal: What’s your Algorithm?

Sept. 28         Elyse Freitas: The phylogenetics and biogeography of the skink genus Lygosoma


Oct. 5              Michael Kistenmacher: Bet-hedging against pre and post dispersal mortality risks in Grindelia ciliata (Asteraceae)

Oct. 12           Rachel Hartnett: The role of intraspecific traits on colonizing natural assemblages of zooplankton

Oct. 19           Kyle Broadfoot: Macroscale population estimates of a migratory songbird using remote sensing

Oct. 26           Kate Goodenough: TBA


Nov. 2             Zhenhua Zou: The Dynamics of Open Surface Water Bodies at Southern Great Plateau in the last 32 years

Nov. 9             Xiaocui Wu: Impacts of climate extremes on US gross primary productivity under global warming

Nov. 16          Alex Barnard: TBA


Nov. 30          Emily Kiehnau: Effect of temporal identity on swarm formation in Daphnia pulicaria in response to conspecific cues


Dec. 7           Thomas Parr: Beyond inorganic nutrients, dissolved organic matter (DOM) in aquatic ecosystems

Seminar in Biology
All Biology Department seminars unless otherwise noted are held in the ground floor auditorium in GLCH on Wednesdays at 4:30.
Seminar in Botany
The Botany Graduate Seminar meets Fridays in GLCH 310
Seminar in Microbiology

3:00 Fridays, 310 GLCH

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