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Facilities Management

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Welcome to the Department of Facilities Management

The Department of Facilities Management is responsible for meeting the University's ever-changing needs for facility maintenance, utilities, and custodial services. We proudly serve University facilities and utilities while providing outstanding customer service to the campus community. Our department employs more than 400 continuous, full-time employees at the OU-Norman campus. Our employees include talented crafts people, skilled professionals, and highly qualified support personnel; our employees are here to make campus a comfortable place to study, work, live, play or just visit.

We proudly serve the University by supporting, preserving, and improving the campus environment.

Academic Office Cleaning Announcement

Due to staff shortages, Custodial Services has reduced regular cleaning and trash collection in individual employee work areas to once per month in academic areas. More information regarding these changes can be found on this Frequently Asked Questions document and the custodial website.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources

COVID-19 Updates and Resources: Norman Campus Updates

Recent News

Key People to the University: Access Control

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Transitioning from Lockshop to Access Control

Introducing... Access Control! The FM Lockshop has now merged with SoonerCard, forming Access Control. Previously, the Lockshop performed all physical security services involving physical keys and door hardware. SoonerCard was responsible for all services involving electronic access plans and badge readers. The Lockshop has now taken on electronic badge reader installations and has rebranded as Access Control. This streamlines the process of hard keys and electronic access as it is now all completed through one department. In an effort to improve customer service, the Access Control shop was moved right next to Felgar Street with visitor parking just west of the building. The rebranding of the Lockshop as Access Control was overseen by Chris George, Manager, Access Control and Logan Byers, Supervisor, Access Control. 

More About Access Control

Access Control is responsible for the physical security of the OU Norman Campus. They deal with every level of access on campus. Some of their services include locksmithing, cutting keys, service on all door hardware, installing electronic badge readers, and more. Access Control services should be requested through For all other inquiries, Access Control can be reached at or (405) 325-4392. Access Control is located at 160 Felgar St. at the OU Norman campus. Their hours are 7:30 am-9 am. Visit the website page for more information.