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Maintenance Services

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Facilities Management performs campus repairs and routine preventative maintenance with over 90 skilled trade team members.  Find out more information regarding each service below.

Air ConditioningRepair, service, and installation of heating and air conditioning systems, sheet metal, building automation controls, refrigeration equipment, and water fountains.
Area MaintenanceReplaces lights, air filters, faucet batteries, and performs minor HVAC preventative maintenance.
CarpentryConstruction and repair of woodwork, ceiling systems, floor coverings, tile setting, plastering and masonry, and minor roof repair.
ElectricRepair, service, and maintenance of alarms and electrical systems, equipment, and clock system.
ElevatorsMaintenance and repair of elevators.
HaulingMoving service and rent of special furniture.
MRTPMasonry, roofs, and tuckpointing
PaintInterior and exterior painting, glass installation, carpet installation, Venetian blinds, and drapiers.
PlumbingRepair, service, and installation of building water, gas, steam, air, and sewer lines and gas-operated equipment.
Roads and WeldingWelding and maintenance and repair of streets, sidewalks, storm sewers, and runways.
For more information regarding locks, custodial, refuse, and recycling, check out the Facility Services page here.


Maintenance Leadership

Glen Gordon

Glen Gordon 
Director, Maintenance Services 

Justin Jenkins

Kyle Brunsmann
Supervisor, Area Maintenance

Glen Riddle

Glen Riddle
Supervisor, Elevators

Jacob Steele
Supervisor, Plumbing

Manager, HVAC

Billy Jennings

Steven Dulworth
Supervisor, Paint


Bill Dady

Floyd Lehman
Supervisor, Roads & Hauling

Chris Angie
Supervisor, Electric

Jim Payne
Supervisor, MRTP

Dustin Bacon

Dustin Bacon
Administrator, Building Automation & Controls