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Student Resources

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Student Resources

The following forms are available as a resource to current students of the OU School of Music. Please contact Daryl Nagode ( if you have difficulty locating the correct form.


Problems enrolling?

Undergraduate students contact Beth Wilson
Graduate students contact Jan Russell.






1. Review Available Recital Dates (linked above) with applied instructor

2. Complete the Student Recital Request Form (linked above)

3. Provide enrollment verification > Academics

All students performing a degree-required recital must be enrolled in one of the following courses.

DMA: GDMA 6042 or LDMA 6052 OR RPHD 6022

MM: GRRE 5042 or GCRE 5051 or GMER 5052

SR: SRRE 4021 or UGRE 4011

JR: JRRE 3021

4. Signing up for a Spring 2021 degree-required recital will occur with the Concert Hall Manager, Neil Whyte, over Zoom. Virtual office hours are held Monday to Thursday, 9am - 12pm. No appointment needed. Office hours are not held on university holidays.

Zoom Meeting ID: 914 0115 2850

Passcode: 20689810

The following dates indicate the first opportunity students have to book their recitals. Please be prepared to submit needed documents electronically before, or during, the online visit.

DMA: Any Day

MM: Monday, Feb 1, 2021

SR: Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021

JR: Wednesday, Feb 3, 2021

If a student is unable to sign-up on their assigned day, they may schedule their recital any subsequent day (during office hours) through the fourth week of classes. The last day to sign up for a spring recital is February 18, 2021.