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Academic Forgiveness/Repeat Policy

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Academic Forgiveness Policies


Repeat Policy

“Policy set forth by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education that allow for the exclusion from the retention GPA of hours of repeated courses in which the original grade was a D or F up to a maximum of four courses, not to exceed 18 hours.”

OU General Catalog, Academic Records


“Only the second grade will be included in the calculation of the retention/graduation grade point average.  The original grade will still appear on the student’s permanent record, but will not be calculated into the student’s retention/graduation grade point average or total hours earned.” 

OU General Catalog, Academic Records 


To file for Repeat Policy visit with one of the Academic Counselors in the Fine Arts Dean’s Office, Fred Jones Center, Suite 122.



Academic Reprieve

 “The Reprieve Policy allows students to request that one or two semesters’ grades be excluded from the calculation of the combined retention/graduation grade point average.  Grades from courses taken during the reprieved term(s) will remain on the student’s permanent record, but will only be calculated into the student’s cumulative grade point average.  A student may request an academic reprieve if the following criteria are met:

The student must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate on the Norman campus;

at least three years must have elapsed between the period in which the grades being requested to be reprieved were earned and the reprieve request; and

prior to requesting the reprieve, the student must have earned at least a 2.00 grade point average with no grade lower than C in all regularly graded coursework (minimum of 12 semester credit hours), excluding activity and performance courses.  This coursework may be completed at any accredited higher education institution. 


The request must be for one semester/term or two consecutive semesters/terms.  If the reprieve is awarded, all grades and hours during the enrollment period are excluded from the retention/graduation grade point average.  Coursework with a passing grade included in a reprieved semester may be used to demonstrate competency in the subject matter.  However, the coursework may not be used to fulfill credit hour requirements.  If the student’s request is for two consecutive semesters/terms, the institution may choose to reprieve only one semester. 


The student may not receive more than one academic reprieve during his/her academic career. The student will not be eligible to receive a reprieve if a previous request was denied at the University of Oklahoma. 


The request form is available in Academic Records (Buchanan Hall, 330).  Students should contact their college concerning the process for requesting a reprieve. 


OU General Catalog, Academic Records