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Don't Work on the Norman Campus? No problem – we can accommodate distance training options. Contact for more information.

CMS Beginner Training

New to the CMS? Need a refresher on how the system works or what is new?

All new users must complete CMS training with our office prior to gaining access to the system, and existing users are always welcome to attend a refresher course.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Website design options (Dept A, B, and C)
  • Information Architecture (site layout/navigation) discussion
  • Accessing the CMS and finding your site
  • Site Admin tour
  • Your Home page
  • CSS Classes
  • Creating a Page
  • Page tour
  • Text
  • OU Image
  • Text Image
  • Creating a link
  • Creating a button
  • OU Download
  • OU Table
  • Youtube Component
  • Bootstrap Column Control
  • Accordion and Accordion Entry
  • Digital Assets Manager (DAM): Adding a document, and adding and image