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Using SRNML: For Corporate / Industry Users

Using SRNML: For Corporate / Industry Users

SRNML equipment use and personnel support

The SRNML is a user facility, encouraging clients to participate in preparing and observing their materials. Use of the major instruments requires a charge that partially reimburses our maintenance and operations costs. Usage may be arranged following consultation with SRNML personnel; reservations and logging and done through our iLab site. It is also possible to collaborate with SRNML personnel and have them collect and share data on specimens that you provide to us; please discuss this during your initial consultation.

Any equipment use and services provided in collaboration with commercial / industrial researchers will be charged the Corporate rate. Follow the steps on the ‘Get started with SRNML use’ page to get started.

Data policies, collaboration, and NDAs

 We will work with you and OU’s Corporate Partnerships and Regional Economic Development office as needed to make a plan for collecting, sharing, and analyzing data, including the potential for Non-Disclosure Agreements or other collaboration tools. We look forward to talking with you about how our capabilities and team expertise could help you solve some of your challenges.

Events and outreach

We welcome your participation in a range of events and outreach activities.

  • Focused Friday semi-weekly events, 11am on many Fridays. Videoconferencing options may be available. ##link to Focused Friday Events and Outreach page
  • Membership in the Oklahoma Microscopy Society (OMS), a local affiliate of the Microscopy Society of America, providing local and international networks of microscopy students and professionals.