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Syrian Studies Association Academic organization for the study of Syrian history, culture and politics.

Studying Arabic in Syria If you are interested in studying Arabic in Damascus, this is the page for you. It lists all the major institutes and schools in Damascus which teach Arabic to foreigners, their prices and enrollment periods as well as general information on getting situated in Damascus.

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Syria-Net: This site is a great place to find links to other sites dealing with business, agriculture, and other general topics that any tourist or foreign business person might need to know about Syria.

Syria After Hafez al-Asad, A Research guide: Created by Lawrence Joffe, MERIA's London correspondent. Last updated January 29, 2001.

Syria Online: This site is a one-stop shop for all sorts of information on Syria. It includes a huge variety of categories—from weather to hotel reservations to greeting cards.

Syria Gate: Has some general information, but also has good information about what’s new in Syrian cinema, fashion, and shopping.

Lonely Planet Guide to Syria: This site has a lot of general information but is mainly directed toward tourists’ needs. Also contains information on budgeting for trips to Syria, lodging and tourist attractions.

Learn Syrian Colloquial @ http://syrianarabic.com an excellent online Syrian Arabic language book, supported by audio tapes. Free and easy.

Institut Français de Damas: The intellectual Mecca of Damascus. It boasts the best European language library and perhaps best Arabic language program in Syria.

TOKTEN (Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals) is a program supported by the United Nations Development Program, which hopes to reverse patterns of brain drain by encouraging Syrian experts living abroad to volunteer their services to Syria for short periods of time.

German Archaeological Institute in Damascus
PO Box 11870, Damascus - Malki, Syria

Damascus on Line: Syrian Students Webzine about "Everything Syrian." Many links

Directors American Excavations at Tell Tuneinir

Libraries in Damascus

Syria Photo Page: This collection of photos from an experienced traveler, Galen Frysinger, includes wonderful pictures of architecture from the city of Bosra as well as many pictures of the Druze and Druze culture.

Syria Gallery: This site contains photo galleries for different cities throughout Syria. This is a great resource to learn more about popular attractions in the main cities.

Syrian Ministry of Tourism: With everything a tourist needs to know about Syria, this site contains information on cuisine, attractions, the arts, and culture.

Travel Document Systems, Inc:. This site is an excellent resource for anybody considering traveling to Syria. Contains information about entry into Syria as well as visa applications and pricing.

Artists from Syria: This site is a great place to start learning about the fine arts and culture in Syria. Pieces of fine art and paintings as well as a biographical sketch of the artist can be viewed by clicking on the artist’s name.

Syria Live: Syria Live has information about almost area of Syrian life and is a great place to start research about Syria. This website provides access to current Syrian news and weather, as well as information about tourism, the economy, and entertainment.

Syrian-American Women’s Association: This site provides information on humanitarian efforts of Syrian-American women to the poor and sick of Syria and the U.S. This page also provides contact information so more information on Syrian-American women can be obtained.

Costumes of the Levant: This is a fascinating site about the traditional dress of various communities in Syria. The articles describing the costumes and accompanied by photos make this site a rich resource for anyone who wants to research Syrian culture.

Syria: The Cradle of Civilizations: This site has general information on Syria, as well as a timeline, photo galleries, and articles about the role of Syria in Islam and Christianity. The site also has a list of recommended books for further research.

This site has information on the Middle East with a lot of tourist information on Syria. The site also highlights tourist attractions in the major Syrian cities and includes pictures of some of the favorite places to visit.

Damascus Online: This site provides basic information on Damascus as well as Syrian culture. With a fascinating collection of photos, Syrian proverbs, and Arabic music and poetry, this site is very unique from other general interest sites.

The Levant: As well as providing a general history of Syria, this site has sound recordings and video of poetry recitals that can be downloaded.

Damascus University: Aleppo University:

Syria Art. This site highlights Syrian artwork. High quality galleries of photography, sculpture, graphics, and paintings produced by Syrian artists can be viewed.

Type Syria: This site covers a wide variety of topics concerning Syria. It also includes in-depth statistics on the country’s government, economy, geography, and military.

Mahmoud Hesso; Website of local Syrian artist. includes an online gallery of his work

Syrian Soccer All about Syrian soccer; also all in Arabic

Damascan Culture Information on Syrian Culture in Damascus and throughout the country. Also has links to other related sites

Culture and History: Long list of links related to Syrian Culture and History

Yahoo! Travel: Syria Brief synopsis of Syrian Culture, common traits and what to expect when traveling in Syria.

Attractions in Syria Extensive resource for finding things to do in Syria. Also has contacts for local museums and attractions organized by region and city.

1upinfo: Syria Links to information on the history of Syria and its origins as a Nation State. Also contains information on Syrian culture and on most aspects of the country. Extremely thorough site.


The Syria Report: The Syria Report is the leading source of economic and business information on Syria.

Made In Syria: helpful guidelines and information about conducting business within the Syrian economy. Made in Syria can also be viewed as a directory of Syrian-owned companies worldwide.


Government and Politics

Syria Blog: Informed commentary on current politics in Syria

Syrian Constitution: This site provides an outline and explanations of the articles of the Syrian constitution. Provides a example of how Islam fits into the government of Syria.

U.S. Department of State: This link connects to information about religions and religious freedom in Syria. This site also has information on the United States government’s policy regarding the maintenance of Syrian religious freedom.

Syrian Ministry of Information: Can be viewed in either Arabic or English, and has great general information on Syrian government and geography. This site also has the daily weather, presidential speeches, and contact information for other Syrian ministries and offices.

Middle East Intelligence Bulletin: Information on Syria and Lebanon unavailable elsewhere. A publication supported by Maronite and pro-Israeli spin doctors. Important to anyone interested in the politics of the region.

Akhbar Al-Sharq: in Arabic, this is a site affiliated with the Syrian opposition

The Reform Party of Syria (RPS): a U.S.-based liberal Syrian national reform group that emerged as a result of September 11 with encouragement of the U.S. government. It seeks the elimination of the Ba'th Party.



Syrian Arab News Agency: A great site for learning about Syrian current events. This page, which can be viewed in Arabic, English, or French, provides current news from Syria as well as photos and archived articles that can be searched

AL Baath
Al Ittijah Al Akhar
AL Thawra in English and Arabic
All for Syria
Syria Daily: Current news about Syria. Part of World News Network
Syria Times
Teshreen Daily



Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro, Grand Mufti of Syria presents Syria's official views on Islam. Kuftaro's lectures and sermons are available.

Syrian Orthodox Church: An excellent source for information about the church that prides itself in being one of the original Christian churches. This site has a lot information on rituals, prayers, worship, music and culture, as well as photos of artwork from the church.

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