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Native Nations Center

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Welcome to the Native Nations Center

The University of Oklahoma recognizes the sovereign status of the Native Nations of Oklahoma and the institution-to-institution relationship between the University of Oklahoma and Native Nations. The Native Nations Center was officially established in 2015 as a part of the Department of Native American Studies. In 2018, the Chickasaw Nation endowed the Native Nations Center to ensure its future. In 2020, the Native Nations Center was elevated to a Provost direct unit with office space and a special events space in Copeland Hall.  In March of 2023, the Native Nations Center was elevated again to the Office of the President, opporating within the Office of Tribal Relations, in order to enhanse the scope and impact of the OU Native Nations Center. It is our hope that, someday, the NNC will fulfill the vision of former President Willam Bizzell and grow into a stand-alone building. The Native Nations Center works to enhance mutual understanding and engender good relationships between and among institutions and communities to support and respond to the needs of Native nations in building on their goals and objectives for impacting positive change. We strive to places the cultures of Native peoples and the sovereignty of Native Nations at the center of academic study—spanning subjects from art, culture, religion, history to governance, law, health, business and the environment. 

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Associate Director of Research Flyer

Join Our Team - The Native Nations Center is Seeking Internal Applicants

Associate Director of Research

Job Description:

The Native Nations Center in the Office of the President invites internal applications for the position of Associate Director of Research in the Native Nations Center at the University of Oklahoma (OU). The Associate Director will be responsible for guiding and supporting the Native Nations Center with large-scale proposal development in pursuit of research excellence. Working collaboratively with other leaders and campus partners, the Director plays a significant role in identifying funding opportunities in subject areas relevant to the work of the Native Nations Center. This position is expected to work with key campus partners to develop and submit grant and fellowship proposals to a wide range of external funding agencies and organizations, including federal, state, and private entities. In this position, the Associate Director reports to the Director of the Native Nations Center and will continue to maintain a position in their current academic department. For more information, click on this link here or to directly to the link: Use button below to apply for the position.

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Current News

Our Goals

  • Provide a “front door” and clearing house for those interested in Native initiatives at OU.
  • Provide nationally known guest speakers, governance workshops, and applicable curriculum for faculty, students, and tribal nations. 
  • House a research and policy center with full-time research faculty (non-advocacy, applied research).
  • Provide research opportunities for OU, Oklahoma, national and international scholars. 
  • Provide significant opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student recruitment and retention.
  • Provide a gathering place and educational leadership programming for Native students.
  • Promote and support the use of innovative technology within our Native community for cultural continuance, sovereignty, representation, and sustainability.
  • Elevate and institutionalize OU’s existing relationships with tribal nations.
  • Make OU the “hub” of related Native American and Indigenous activities in the state.


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