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Native Nations Center

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Welcome to the Native Nations Center at the University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma recognizes the sovereign status of the Native Nations of Oklahoma and the institution-to-institution relationship between the University of Oklahoma and Native Nations. Our Department of Native American Studies and new Native Nations Center use the symbol of the star quilt to symbolize our work in this area at OU.  

Expansion for OU Native Nations Center Approved by Board of Regents in December of 2021

An expansion of the Native Nations Center was approved. According to the agenda, the expansion will add 30,000 to 35,000 square feet for faculty and staff office spaces, meeting areas, classrooms, a small library, exhibit space and a space to honor Oklahoma’s 39 federally-recognized sovereign nations. See article here

Native American Programs and Services

Our Goals

  • Provide a “front door” and clearing house for those interested in Native initiatives at OU.
  • House Native American Studies (BA, MA).
  • Provide nationally known guest speakers, governance workshops, and applicable curriculum for faculty, students, and tribal nations. 
  • House a research and policy center with full-time research faculty (non-advocacy, applied research).
  • Provide research opportunities for OU, Oklahoma, national and international scholars. 
  • Provide significant opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student recruitment and retention.
  • Provide a gathering place and educational leadership programming for Native students.
  • Elevate and institutionalize OU’s existing relationships with tribal nations.
  • Make OU the “hub” of related Native American activities in the state.