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Shale Resource Plays of Oklahoma Workshop

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**VIRTUAL** Shale Resource Plays of Oklahoma - upcoming workshop Nov. 10-13

Purpose and Scope

Gas and oil-bearing shales/mudstones are generally organically-rich, fine-grained sedimentary rocks capable of producing hydrocarbons upon artificial fracturing. The most common challenges are to identify the economically viable zones for production and to define optimal stimulation methods for these intervals. 

This workshop will emphasize lessons learned from operators and researchers associated with the Oklahoma shale gas and oil exploration and development arena for the various regions in Oklahoma with particular emphasis on the Caney, Goddard and Woodford Shales. Presentations will focus on the geologic, petrophysical, geochemical, petrographic, mineralogical, reservoir characterization and modeling, and engineering factors including sequence stratigraphy, diagenesis, palynological analysis, image and data analysis - that are beneficial for commercial production.

Online workshop series (3 presentations/day)

November 10: Technical program (~2 hours)

November 11: Technical program (~2 hours)

November 12: Technical program (~2 hours), virtual field trip released (self-guided, ~2 hours)

November 13: Technical program (~2 hours)


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PDH/CEU Information

This workshop has been approved for PDH/CEU by AIPG. Attending this virtual workshop will earn you 10 PDH = 1 CEU.

There is a minimal fee of $50 to cover administrative activities for those seeking credits. Registration for all other attendees is FREE.

Titles and Authors (tentative)

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


An Overview of Oklahoma Shale Resource Plays

        Fnu Suriamin*, Brian Cardott, Abbas Seyedolali (Oklahoma Geological Survey)


Geochemical characterization of the Upper Mississippian Goddard Formation, Noble Ranch Group, and related oils in the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma

        Catherine A. Pearson and R. Paul Philp* (School of Geosciences, University of Oklahoma)


The Goddard Shale in the eastern Anadarko Basin: understanding an exceptionally productive mudrock reservoir with fluid-sensitive clay

        Justin D. Spears*, and Jack C. Pashin (Boone Pickens School of Geology, Oklahoma State University)

11:45-12:00 Discussions

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Integrated geological and geochemical characterization of the Mississippian Caney Shale, Oklahoma - Subsurface and outcrops delineation

        Abbas Seyedolali (Oklahoma Geological Survey)


Palynological Characterization of the Caney Shale and Associated Strata, Oklahoma, USA

        Thomas Demchuk1, Salih Mahdi2 and Fernando Mantilla-Duran(1RPS Energy, 20405 Tomball Parkway, Bldg. 2, Ste. 200, Houston, TX 77070, 2RPS Energy, Century House, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 7TL, United Kingdom)


Characterization of a Caney Shale core from the actively producing Caney play in the Ardmore Basin, Oklahoma

        Allan Hemmy*, Steven Warshauer, and Jeff Lawton (BNK Petroleum (US) Inc., Camarillo, CA)

11:30-12:00 Discussions

Thursday, November 12, 2020


Geology of the Woodford Shale in Oklahoma

        Richard Brito* and Roger Slatt


A Detailed Geochemical and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Woodford Petroleum System, Oklahoma – Generation, Migration and Reservoir Character

        J.B. Curtis*, J.E. Zumberge, and S. W. Brown (GeoMark Research Ltd.)


Rock volatiles of Woodford Shale cuttings and cores from the Anadarko and Arkoma basins

        Michael P. Smith (Advanced Hydrocarbon Stratigraphy) 

11:30-12:00 Discussions

Friday, November 13, 2020


Application of Quantitative Facies Analysis to Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Geochemistry of Unconventional Resources

        Ariel Malicse (Malletsee, Inc.)


Woodford Shale Enclosed Mini-Basin Fill on the Hunton Paleo Shelf: A Depositional Model for Unconventional Resource Shales

        Emilio Torres (University of Oklahoma)


High Resolution Unconventional Reservoir Modeling of Devonian Strata in Oklahoma Utilizing Rock Volatile Analysis

        Jamar Bynum1*, Mike Smith2, Christopher Smith2, and Kristian Cozyris1 (1Baker Hughes and 2 Advanced Hydrocarbon Stratigraphy)

11:30-12:00 Discussions