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What can the Office of Innovation and Corporate Partnerships do for you?

September 22, 2022

What can the Office of Innovation and Corporate Partnerships do for you?

Office of Innovation and Corporate Partnerships (OICP) can help you keep from throwing your innovation down the drain or keep you from chucking it out the window.  Through the OICP website, connections can be made with the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC), Office of Corporate Partnerships and Economic Development (OCP), and the Venture Development Component. We are your people.

Let me tell you a little about what our people can do for you;

OICP offers support moving transformative technologies from the lab to the marketplace by focusing on combining efforts in technology commercialization, entrepreneurship, and corporate partnerships for sponsored research and education.

OTC focuses support transforming ideas into tangible impact for the betterment of society. They offer many resources to help with the next steps in the commercializing process and they can all be found on their ( website.

OCP serves as a bridge between business/industry and the university. They are the point of contact and facilitate initial connection for companies with researchers and resources at the university as well as continue to manage corporate relationships on an ongoing basis.

The Venture Development Component is made up of the Innovation Pathways (iPath) program. It is both an ideation program and a launch process that helps articulate the value of business propositions and create a launch plan that includes elements of business planning and capital strategy.

So…before you get too frustrated and throw your innovation out the window, get on the OICP website and bring your questions about what your next steps should be to us. Let’s make a connection before your brain implodes with frustration and you throw everything out the window.