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Oklahoma Community Heritage Project

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At the heart of archaeology is a desire to learn about the people who came before us. Because we cannot talk to them directly, one way we can learn their stories is to ask questions about the objects they left behind. By making observations about and gathering data from artifacts, archaeologists put the puzzle picture of the past together, one piece at a time.

OKPAN has created a space for you to put your archaeological hat on and think how objects in our homes connect us to our own past! The Oklahoma Community Heritage Project (OKCHP) wants you to share your story through an object that is related to your own heritage. By “donating” your object virtually to the project, you will learn to view objects as archaeologists do: not for what they are worth, but for the stories they can tell us about people. As a community united in our passion for the past, we invite you to consider: what do we value about our own heritage and past? What can our connection to our own histories tell us about our community? What stories do our objects tell about us?

Donate one object or many, by yourself or at a safe social distance with friends and family. We cannot wait to learn about your heritage and see your submissions!


"Donate" your object to the project and share your story and heritage.



Learn how archaeologists analyze heritage and see how your donation fits in.

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View submissions and read our community's heritage stories.

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Educational Resources

Attention teachers and parents! The Oklahoma Community Heritage Project is useful resource for educational activities. OKPAN has produced some activities to complement the project - keep an eye out for new resources in the future as well. Below, click each link to download a PDF for each activity.


Lesson Plan - "Every Object Tells a Story" (all ages)

Every Object Tells a Story Lesson Plan

This lesson plan can be easily adapted for use with the Oklahoma Community Heritage Project to give your students a virtual learning experience.

For Young Learners - Coloring Activities

Belt Buckle Coloring Page
Handmade Blanket Coloring Page
Treasure Chest Coloring Page

These pages depict some of the Oklahoma Community Heritage Project object donations and encourage young learners to think about their stories.