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Office of Policy Management

Evans Hall at the University of Oklahoma.

Welcome to the Office of Policy Management

The Board of Regents (Regent) governing the University of Oklahoma (OU), Cameron University (CU), and Rogers State Univerity (RSU) policies are applicable to faculty, staff, students, and visitors of any campus and are designed to support university compliance with federal and state regulations, promote best practices, and provide expectations for conducting business. 

Board of Regents policies and OU-specific policies are being migrated to PolicyTech - a new platform and management software utilized to manage and store policies.  PolicyTech does not currently contain an exhaustive list of Regent and OU policies; however, existing policies are being transitioned, and new policies will be added as they are approved.  This new repository system is intended to provide convenient access to Regent and OU policies and will be the definitive source for the most current policies.  

PolicyTech provides the ability to create and manage Regent and OU policies, including tracking revisions and maintaining a history of any policy changes.  As a part of the migration, policies will be assigned to categories as outlined in the Board of Regents Policy on Policy Management and are searchable by subject matter, department, document owner, or via a custom search.