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OU Policies

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OU Policies

Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy

Do you know how you may use OU information systems? Do you know that all the messages in your OU Email account  may be subject to the Oklahoma Open Records Act? To know more, read this Acceptable Use Policy.Information Security Policy

Campus Privacy Policy

How OU collect, share, and store the private data. You will also find the copyright and third party hosting information in this policy. 

Computer Standardization Policy 

Starting Jan 1, 2019, Financial Services will NOT pay for non-standard computer equipment.  So you MUST read this policy to know what computers you can buy and how to request an exception for specific teaching and research needs. 

Data Calssification Policy

The basis for the data handling requirements. PCB Data Storage Policy inherits this policy.  This is a must-read policy to make sure which security level, Confidential, Proprietary, Private, or Public, your data should be categorized to.

Information Security Policy

In this policy, you will know who is responsible for OU IT Security, the authority for creation of security standards, and the process for policy exceptions and violations.