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Parker Leadership Conference

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Parker Leadership Conference

The Parker Leadership Conference allows students to explore and sharply develop their leadership qualities. Attendees are provided with opinions and knowledge from professionals and established leaders with varying skill sets. Attendees will review, discuss, debate and present on the most challenging case studies. 

2023 Conference Topic - Finding Balance in Remote Work

OCCE Thurman J. White Forum Building 
1704 Asp Avenue, Norman, OK 73072
March 3,  2023

Letter from the Conference Director, Madison Giovenco

The JCPenney Leadership Program invites you to attend our annual Parker Leadership Conference on Friday, March 3rd. This year’s theme is “Finding Balance in Remote Work”. Conference attendees will examine and dissect the case study Should some employees be allowed to work remotely even if others can’t?  written by University of Oklahoma Price College of Business’s own, Mark Bolino, Ph.D. and Dean Corey Phelps. Recently published in the Harvard Business Review, this case study was crafted to help the reader assess the pressure companies are facing regarding the decisions of if their employees should go back to regular in-person work, hybrid work, or remote work. Everyone and everything was affected by the pandemic, and every year since then there continues to be an evolution of defining the “new normal.” From big corporations to small businesses, the choice of returning to a pre-Covid routine is easier said than done. Our lives are not the same as they were before, and companies are experiencing the challenges of choosing between in-person and remote work. This case study that our attendees will be reviewing and discussing is what management around the world is dealing with every day and what the next generation of business men and women will be deciding for years to come. It is all about finding the balance in remote work that works for both the company and its employees.