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Women in Business Leadership Conference

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Women in Business Leadership Conference 2021

Building Back Women in the Workforce

The JCPenney Leadership Program is hosting their annual Women in Business Leadership Conference Friday, October 15th from 9am-1pm in the Thurman J. White Forum Building. Attendees will get to hear from our keynote speaker, attend breakout sessions with distinguished panelists and workshops, and attend a networking lunch. The coronavirus has forced women to leave the workforce in record numbers which is why our theme for the conference this year is “Building Back Women in the Workforce.” Our focus will be to address the needs of women in various stages of their careers through our panel sessions. One session will focus on refining skills needed to re-enter the workforce. Another session will focus on improving current positions through discussing work-life balance, negotiating salaries, and more. Our last session’s focus is how women can begin their entrepreneurship journey. This year, we hope to build confidence and connections through training and networking as well as equip attendees with both soft and technical skills as they prepare to improve their careers. We also hope to inspire our attendees in a way that will shape the way they think long-after our conference concludes.

Image of event poster -  JCPenney Leadership Program | Women is Business Leadership Conference | Panel Sessions: Re-entering the workforce post COVID, Negotiating for a Better Position, Beginning your Entrepreneurship Journey. Oct 15, 2021 8am-1pm Thurman J. White Forum Building. Building Back Women in Workforce

Panel Sessions:

  • Re-entering the Workforce Post COVID
  • Improving Your Current Position
  • Beginning your Entrepreneurship Journey

Letter from the Director: Ashlyn Heritage

The JCPenney Leadership Program invites you to attend our annual Women in Business Leadership Conference, “Building Back Women in the Workforce”. Our 2021 conference will highlight women business leaders in a variety of industries. Speakers and panelists will help equip women with the knowledge and tools of how to maximize their presence in the workforce after the devasting impacts of COVID-19. Businesses have had to adapt to working in a virtual world, managing supply chain issues, and taking steps to protect customers and employees from the virus. While businesses have faced these issues and managed to adapt, employees have also been displaced from the workforce at a high rate, and women have been affected disproportionately. Women have left the workforce not only because of a reduction in employment opportunities, but also having to take on more responsibility for family care including childcare during school closures and virtual learning. According to a Gallup poll, roughly 2.3 million women are missing from the workforce as of February 2021. This amounts to a 3.1% decrease in women working since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This problem leads us to the theme, “Building Back Women in the Workforce” with the goal of motivating and preparing all attendees to be the best versions of themselves at whatever stage they find themselves in the workforce. Our panelists will focus on how to refine the skills necessary to re-enter the workforce, improve current roles through strengthening negotiating and work-life balance skills, and begin a journey in entrepreneurship.


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