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Women in Business Leadership Conference

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Women in Business Leadership Conference 2023

"Unique Paths: Embracing Your Individual Journey"

Women in Business Leadership Unique Paths: Embracing Your Individual Journey. Powered by Phillips 66

Message from the Conference Director: Jillian Otero

The JCPenney Leadership Program invites you to attend our annual Women in Business Leadership Conference, “Unique Paths: Embracing Your Individual Journey.” Our 2023 conference celebrates women reaching their fullest potential by doing things their way in both the workforce and their own lives. The various speakers and panelists will explore themes of self and community empowerment, access and opportunity, and exploration. There is now a greater focus on inclusion and recognizing individuality in the workplace than ever before. The purpose of this conference, therefore, is to encourage current and future business leaders to embrace women’s success in the workplace in the variety of forms it may take. It is imperative that we as leaders follow our own paths to success and uplift others in the process. Women comprise nearly 47% of the United States Workforce, but only 27% of chief executives are women ( With more women employed than ever, we must ask what is preventing them from excelling to leadership in their chosen fields and how we can empower them on both a personal and social level towards their goals and greater workplace achievement. Our upcoming conference, “Unique Paths: Embracing Your Individual Journey,” seeks to answer these questions and inspire the attendees to celebrate their own unique journeys and uplift the women in their places of work to ultimately maximize the efficacy of our community and business leaders at any point in their careers.


Breea Clark
Director, JCPenney Leadership Program


Phone: (405) 325-2501