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Tenure and Promotion

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Tenure and Promotion

Tenure and promotion recommendations are among the most important decisions made in the University. As the Faculty Handbook states, “The choices that the University makes in granting tenure are crucial to its endeavors toward academic excellence. A decision to grant tenure must reflect an assessment of high professional competence and performance measured against national standards.” Likewise, promotion decisions also must reflect such standards.

The reference materials below will help to familiarize you with the basic policies and procedures associated with the tenure and promotion process at The University of Oklahoma. Forms listed below are also available on the Memos and Forms page of this site.

Sample faculty dossiers from previous years are available by appointment at the Center for Faculty Excellence. To make an appointment, call 325-2323.

Reference Materials

Provost's Memo (2020)
Faculty Handbook
Dossier Outline


Description of External Evaluators
Promotion Recommendation of Chair/Director
Promotion Recommendation of Committee A
Promotion Recommendation of Dean
Recommendation of Faculty Concerning Promotion
Tenure Recommendation of Chair/Director
Tenure Recommendation of Dean
Tenure Recommendation of Committee A
Recommendation of Faculty Concerning Tenure

Workshop Materials

2020 Tenure and Promotion Process (Chair/Director) Workshop Recording
2018 Tenure and Promotion Faculty Workshop Materials (PDF)
2018 Tenure and Promotion Process (Chair/Director) Workshop Materials (PDF)
2017 Tenure and Promotion Process (Chair/Director) Workshop Materials (PDF)