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OU Office of the Registrar


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from the University of Oklahoma! Scroll below to apply for graduation, review requirements, and more. 

Apply for Graduation

All students graduating from the University of Oklahoma must apply for graduation through the Graduation Application link in The link will be available to students when 75% of the baccalaureate program has been completed. Master's and doctoral students may submit their application in their final semester.

Be sure to apply for the term you are planning to graduate by the term deadline:

  • Fall: December Graduation                 May 1
  • Spring: May Graduation                      December 1
  • Summer: August Graduation              March 1

All tuition and fees must be paid before a student can officially graduate and receive the diploma. 

Please contact Academic Records (405) 325-4147 regarding questions about the graduation application.

The date of graduation for each term is:

  • the last day of examinations in the fall;
  • the date of commencement in the spring;
  • and the last day of classes in the summer. 

Apply for Graduation


All students shall be required to have all work needed for graduation submitted to Academic Records no later than 10 working days following the last day of finals for the term in which the student wishes to graduate. This would include transfer work from another institution, correspondence courses, incomplete grades, and any other correction or addition to the student’s academic record.

This deadline does not take the place of the existing deadline for all work to be completed, which is “all work required for the degree must be completed satisfactorily by the last day of finals of the semester or term.” This is an additional requirement that the notification of the completion of this credit must be submitted in a timely fashion in order for the student to graduate within that term. The appropriate deadline for receipt of that notification is within ten working days after the last day of finals.


The degree and date of the diploma are entered on the student’s permanent academic record. Degrees for spring graduates are typically posted to the permanent records in mid-June, fall degrees are posted in mid-February, and summer degrees in mid-September.

When a student completes all requirements for a degree other than at the close of a semester or session, Academic Records, upon request, will issue a certified statement that the student is eligible for the degree as of the date when the requirements for the degree were completed.

For complete information regarding degree requirements, the student should consult with personnel in the college office in which they are enrolled.